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  • So as Minion fever not only continues to grip the globe but whip it into a banana-like frenzy,

  • surely the question on everyone’s mind as the leave the theater is...what’s next?

  • Well that would be Despicable Me 3, currently set for June 30th 2017. Today were going

  • to discuss what we know about the film so far, what we can speculate, and what weve

  • got our fingers crossed for! And beware, there be spoilers ahead for the Minions movie...

  • So, what do we KNOW? Well, the focus of the franchise will return to Gru and his family,

  • which don’t forget now includes anti-villain league agent Lucy. Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig,

  • Miranda Cosgrove and Russell Brand are all set to return, as are - of course - the minions.

  • And considering how close Despicable Me 2 got to a billion, this third film could be

  • the first non-Disney animated film to join the billion dollar club - that is, if Minions

  • doesn’t get there first. And that’s all we know for sure, as Illumination Entertainment

  • has two other films hitting theaters first before Despicable Me 3 - The Secret Life of

  • Pets for Summer 2016 and a project yet to be determined for Christmas 2016. Hmm...if

  • Minions is successful enough they could always move Despicable Me 3 up a few months, just

  • as Disney Animation did with Moana in response to Frozen’s success. Wouldn’t a Despicable

  • Me holiday movie be BANANA?! Or would it be a little too close to The Nightmare Before

  • Christmas...? Or How the Grinch Stole Christmas? Which, by the way, Illumination Entertainment

  • is remaking for Christmas 2017. But with Despicable Me 3 a ways off, that gives Illumination Entertainment

  • some time to think, and here’s what they need to think about... After being the stars

  • of their own film, can the minions go back to being SECOND banana in a third Despicable

  • Me film? I mean, Kevin, Bob and Stuart are household names now! Not to mention Minions

  • seriously raises the bar of EVIL for this franchise. Scarlet Overkill, as well as her

  • husband Herb, are a legitimate threat - while Despicable Me 2’s El Macho...not so much.

  • Plus should we revisit Villain Con to see if it’s grown ala Comic Con years later?

  • And what about the Anti-Villain League? Is Lucy still and agent, or is Gru no longer

  • a villain?! He’s kind of been flirting with being a good guy since the franchise began,

  • but I don’t know if the minions will follow a good guy... Plus with Ant-Man and Guardians

  • of the Galaxy 2 already set to focus on fathers, will Gru’s personal life seem like old news

  • by the time 2017 comes around? Then again, perhaps this third film could focus on Margo,

  • Edith and Agnes. Should they be aged up ala Hiccup? And are they turning into villains,

  • heroes...or are they divided, with some villains and some heroes?! What - and who - do you

  • want to be the focus of Despicable Me 3? And does this franchise need to get more evil,

  • less evil, or is it just right? Plus with a strong focus on Mexico for Despicable Me

  • 2, and a strong focus on France and England with Minions, what country should be in the

  • spotlight next? Write your thoughts down below. I’m Grace Randolph and this has been a Movie

  • Byte! You can watch more, right now!

So as Minion fever not only continues to grip the globe but whip it into a banana-like frenzy,

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