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  • Right. Look at those bears. Huh?

  • Are you scared or what? Look at the bears!

  • - They're great, Dad. - "They're great, Dad."

  • You're gonna see some bears.

  • - Dad? - Shh, shh, shh.

  • Here you go! A nice Zagnut.

  • Yeah. Come on.

  • Come on.

  • Come on. More.

  • Come on. Here's some more.

  • Jeez. Boy, he likes those.

  • Now we'll get some action.

  • Big head on him. Ooh, boy.

  • Easy, easy there. Easy.

  • Come on, watch the paint job! Hey, shoo!

  • Look at the size of those teeth. Whoo.

  • - Hey! Shoo! Go on. - Dad, I wouldn't do that.

  • All right. Maybe you're right. He's looking at us.

  • He's not finished. When he finishes, he'll go.

  • - Pretty big bear. - Very big.

  • Just let him eat his candy bar and shoo shoo shoo.

  • Hi. How you doing?

  • Whoo.

  • Oh, Jeez! All right, all right. OK.

  • Erm, let me rethink this.

  • Hey! What the hell?

  • All right.

  • - I've told you I love you, right? - Yeah.

  • Good.

  • What do you say we call it a night?

  • Holy Jeez! Oh, boy! Oh, boy. We've started something.

  • Erm...

  • - Let's call it an evening. - Yeah. I'm tired.

  • - Me too. Yeah. Let's just go. - Yeah.

  • That didn't scare him, Dad.

  • I'm, erm... gonna move now. I'm moving now!

  • All right. I'll just drive out.

  • He'll jump right off. Don't you worry.

  • Dad? Isn't it illegal to drive with a bear on your hood?

  • I don't know in this state, son.

  • It's Yogi and Boo Boo in the flesh.

  • I wish Ranger Smith would get out here.

  • Hey, easy on the roof, pal!

  • Should have brought Uncle Roman's car.

Right. Look at those bears. Huh?

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