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We're in Tokyo Station now
We're going to see our accountant, business stuff.
That's a steep staircase
okay we're done
Here you can see a binder for company income and expense.
I have some experience running a company in Poland and
I must say the very basics are pretty much the same in Japan
it's not as different and weird and exotic as you might expect
There are just a lot more stamps
I always have a feeling that the Tokyo Station area feels like Chicago.
Do you agree?
Yeah the architecture here is kind of similar to Chicago.
Like all these grey cold buildings
Very straight
And the streets are bigger. There's more room between the buildings and you can kind of see them more.
Underneath Tokyo station, there lies a geek, kawaii, funny paradise that is this area.
Have you ever owned a tamagotchi?
Yeah, I did. It was kind of boring.
My mom used the fact that my tamagotchi died as reasoning why I can't have a dog.
I think that this design of Pikachu, is only only available in this store.
I got you another gacha gacha.
This thing is a cat.
Since you guys are interested in Japan, you probably know there are a lot of mascots in Japan.
and every mascot has its own set of merchandise so this underground street
underneath Tokyo Station, you can see all the specialty stores
with mascot merchandise. It's really cute I just love this place. If you're in Tokyo
and you wanna buy souvenirs for your friends
just come here and you're gonna spend shitloads of money
because all this stuff is really really cute.
Normally, for geeky stuff, you'd think Akihabara
but nowadays Akihabara is more for old pervy dudes than real kawaii stuff.
So if you want kawaii in Tokyo, com here.
I got you a present.
You get to choose the bag.
So really, everybody is here in Tokyo Station
There's Ghibli, there are Moomin's, NHK,
Sanrio, Hello Kitty, Tamagotchi, LEGO, Pokemon.
When I walk through this area, kid in me is just so ecstatic
and there's Jump Shop by the publisher Jump
who's responsible for manga such as Dragon Ball, One Piece and all the other stuff.
I believe next week is going to be the
premiere of the new season of Dragonball, Dragonball Super is it?
let me know guys if you wanna see some Dragon Ball
related stuff for that occasion because I guess everybody's excited for that, ey?
New season of Drangon Ball, ey?
Yay! Dragons!
Look, a Death Note musical it's, coming to Tokyo
and there's a Death Note related entertainment peice
in Shibuya station. Let's see.
Mineral water and Yogurina.
It tastes like old yogurt, with sugar.
Visas will be done by Friday he thinks.
Yeah, inspection's over.
Time to record my Polish madness
My favorite type up of YouTube show is one you ca make really quick.
Some of you have been asking me about editing, I might go into this in the future,
but for now I would just like to say I'm using Adobe software Adobe Premiere
the new version now with Adobe it's like you pay a subscription fee
but then you get free updates so it's not like you own a version of Adobe anymore
Just remembered that I'm out of Q-tip so a quick stop at the 100YEN store
which is like the Dollar store except in the US except waywayway waywayway better.
Even tools I mean where else in the world can you buy a hammer for a dollar.
I also need to replant my basil.
Soil, for one dollar.
House cleaning products. Legit good ceramic plates for one dollar. ONE dollar.
I forgot, I've been meaning to buy one of these too.
Hmm, sometimes I have a hard time opening jars, now I'm just convincing myself I need things.
I hate when my plate's too hot.
Kitchen utensils.
yeah I should get this.
Dehumidifying sheets for a futon.
Notebooks, craft supplies, and fun erasers. These cost like 500 yen in other stores
but here they're just a dollar.
Insect repellent bracelet.
I hate mosquito season in Japan.
Cookies and treats
These are various summer things so summer's really hot here
so they have these cooling sheets for your face, sweat protector for your jacket.
A face mask holder so you put this over your face mask so your face mask stays in place.
I don't know, is that really necessary
My gosh, where are the q-tips, if I don't find them,
I'm gonna buy everything else here
Alright biggest size since it's all 1 dollar.
Wet tissues, Hello Kitty wet tissues, Kumamon wet tissues.
Even haircut scissors and haircut supplies
Onpanmon curry and all other types of curry
Alright time to get food, because something smells like pizza and that's what I originally came out to do.
Late dinner at Taco Bell.
When this place first opened in April, the end of April
there were lines, 3-hour lines
Fajita burrito with nacho chips and cheese on the side for my nacho chips.
Over here a meal costs about 8Dollars whereas in the US you can get a meal from Taco Bell for about 3 dollars.
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Tokyo Character Street So Much Kawaii!

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阿多賓 published on July 3, 2015
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