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Welcome to howtocookthat, I'm Ann Reardon.
Today we are making a surprise Facebook logo dessert.
You have put in so many requests for this in the comments section over the last few
weeks since the instagram cake went up that it has hit the top of the request list already.
This one is made from a tropical flavoured cheesecake with coconut gel for the 'F' and
blue tropical flavoured glaze and is finished off with white chocolate butterflies that
I showed you how to make a few weeks ago.
For our container today we are using a tissue box because I thought it would be something
most of you could get your hands on. You need to cut the top off the box so it just leaves
us with a nice rectangle.
And then because tissue boxes are quite flimsy we are going to support it by adding other
boxes around it, but we will line it first. Grab two sheets of non-stick baking paper
and put one covering the inside then an extra one going across one way to cover any joins
of the first. Staple them into place making sure your staples are going in from the outside
so if any did happen to fall out they would be falling out of the dessert, not into it.
Now add your support boxes (I'm just using other tissue boxes) and tie them firmly into
place with string. So it's supporting the box once the cheesecake mixture goes into
it. It's quite heavy so it's going to push out on the edges so you want to keep them
nice and straight.
Print out the Facebook logo in the correct size for your box. We are going to make this
logo on its side and tip it up once it's finished. Now I'm not doing this to make it confusing,
it just makes it easier to make the cake this way. So picture it on the side like this and
that's what we are going for.
To start with we are going to make our cheesecake mixture. Sprinkle your gelatin over cold water
and stir it in and then set it aside to one side to absorb the water. For all of the recipe
quantities that you need and for the Facebook logo head over to the website www.howtocookthat.net
there is a link in the description below this video and all the recipe amounts are there
in grams and ounces and cups and everything that you need.
Place your cream cheese into the bowl of a mixer. I am using block cream cheese, not
the soft tub cream cheese for this. If you can only get the soft one then you may need
to increase the gelatin slightly.
Chop it up with a knife and then mix it on high speed for a few minutes until it is smooth,
this will be easier if your cream cheese is at room temperature when you start.
Add in your sugar and beat that in, scraping down the sides of the bowl a few times as
you go. Then add in your blue colour. Now, you always ask what colour I use exactly,
for this one I am using 1/4 teaspoon of royal blue gel colour.
Next take your white chocolate and melt it in the microwave or over a double boiler.
When melting in the microwave make sure that you do 30 seconds, then stir really well,
20 seconds, stir and then 10 seconds, stir until it is melted. Repeat the 10 seconds
until it's melted.
Then pour it into your cream cheese mixture and whip it through thoroughly.
For our fruity tropical flavour, I am using a mixture of juice from a tin of mango, pineapple
and passionfruit. You can just buy tropical juice but it tends to be coloured and that's
going to affect our blue colour and turn it a bit green.
So I'm just using a mixture from each of the tins, you can use the rest of the mango, freeze
it and make a mango smoothie, use the pineapple on a pizza and we are basically going to use
all the passionfruit.
Mix that in until it looks glossy and smooth like this.
At this point we are going to split the mixture in half so use a measuring jug and measure
out 750ml or 3 cups of mixture and put that in a separate bowl. Cover it in plastic wrap
and leave it at room temperature, don't put it in the fridge.
Have a look at your Facebook logo and in the tissue box we want to fill it up to the level
of the plain base of blue, so just up to the bottom of the letter So measure that with
a ruler and mark it on your tissue box so you know where to fill to.
Take your 150ml of cream, the cream that I am using is 35% fat and whip it until you
get nice soft peaks.
Split your gelatin into two halves and heat the one half in the microwave until it is
liquid, keep an eye on it so it doesn't bubble over.
Pour this gelatin over the cream cheese mixture and quickly mix it through. And then fold
in your whipped cream, we are trying to keep the air and lightness from the whipped cream
so instead of stirring it, fold it through from the bottom around and over the top.
Pour this into the tissue box up to the mark you've just made.
Pour this into the tissue box up to the mark that you've just made. So this is giving a
base layer of plain blue that's on the logo.
Next we want to set some cheesecake mixture to the height of the blue that is in between
the base layer that we've just done and the white of the 'F'. For that, line a container
with foil and fill it to the height that you've just measured, you can use another tissue
box for this if you don't have a dish. I will put the measurements of the dish on the blog
as well. Place both of those int he fridge for at least 3 hours.
You will have a small amount of the blue cheesecake mixture left, I want you to just cover the
bowl with plastic wrap and leave at room temperature, don't put it in the fridge.
Now to make the coconut gel for our F. Sprinkle gelatin over cold water just like we did before
and set that to one side. In a saucepan heat your cream, coconut milk and sugar. Remember
all of these recipe quantities are on the blog howtocookthat.net
Now these quantities that I'm using give quite a strong coconut flavour. If you want it more
subtle, then increase the cream and decrease the coconut milk but keep the same proportion
of liquid in your recipe. Continue to stir until it is hot and then remove from the heat
and add in the gelatin, this will melt into the mixture as you stir it.
Take a brownie tin, line it with foil and pour the coconut gel mixture into that. If
you allow the foil to overlap the edges it will make it easier when it comes to getting
it out. Place that in the fridge to set. That will take about 3 hours.
Once it is set take it out of the tin, straighten up the edges because the brownie tin curves
under the bottom and we want it nice and straight. Then use the template to measure the width
that you want to cut your long rectangle. This is the main body of the F. If you warm
up your knife this will give a cleaner cut, you can do that in hot water or using a brûlée
Next we need the two bits for either side of F (I don't know if letters have names for
the little bits) anyway, use your template to measure this. And now for the tricky part,
the new Facebook logo has a slope on the end of the one of the arms of the F, so again
using a hot knife slice off a tiny bit on an angle, just like a corner off the whole
way along of one side of your square.
Take your cheesecake out of the second dish and again using a hot knife cut two long strips
in the size shown on the template. And then smooth off the top of the smaller one on one
side so it's rounded.
Now we are putting in place this blue part here. Again using a spatula lift it up and
put it into place. Then use a knife to push it right up against the edge.
Trim the white to the right length and now add some of the spare cheesecake mixture that
you left at room temperature along the base, this helps to glue it into place but it also
fills the gap in the letter that we sloped. Check that your slope is going the right way,
if not just flip it over the other way, you want it this way the way I am showing you
now with the wider bit towards the right.
Then add your final strip of blue and then push that into place. Squashing that right
down so that it is not too close to the top.
Trim your large piece of white to the width of the tissue box.
Take some of your the scraps and melt it in the microwave, drop some of that liquid along
the white to make it stick, I would suggest that you also put some of the unset cheeescake
mixture on the blue section here too to help that all stick together as well.
Put the coconut gel into place starting by wrapping it around the blue square and making
sure that the base sits snug to the edge of the tissue box. If it is a little bit too
big then just trim a tiny slither off the edge push it back into place you want it to
sit flat and so that it is connecting with the cheesecake underneath.
Then I want you to sacrifice the very end slice of this dessert and cut yourself a little
hole so you can see exactly where to put the top white strip, so that it lines up int he
right place with the bottom one.
Put some more of your coconut gel in a line along and then put your final thin strip on
top in line with that bottom one so that it makes the second sticky out bit of your f.
Whip your remaining 150ml of cream to soft peaks
Add the spare unset cheesecake mixture to the other half we have of our blue mixture
and stir that in well. Melt the second half of your gelatin that
we made earlier, pour that in stirring really well.
I recently created a page for howtocookthat on Facebook so you can follow me there too
if you like, you will find all my social media links in the description below this video
Then fold in your cream just like we did with the first half of the cheesecake.
Pour that over the top of your F and so that you can fill it right up to the top. And then
put that in the fridge to set for at least 3 hours.
Optionally while it is in the fridge you can make a glaze to go over the top to make it
look shiny and smooth. For that you will need some white chocolate, some tropical juice
like we used in the cheesecake, sweetened condensed milk, sugar and glucose syrup and
then you can also use some white colouring or blue or whatever colour you want your glaze
to be.
Sprinkle the gelatin over the water and set it aside
It is nearly my 100th youtube video if you have any suggestions of what I should do on
the 100th video to celebrate let me know in the comments below.
And put your sugar, sweetened condensed milk juices and glucose syrup into a pan, you can
use light corn syrup instead of the glucose syrup if you don't have glucose syrup where
you are and then just stir that around until it is hot.
Break your chocolate into pieces and add your gelatin and chocolate into the mixture take
it off the heat and then just continue to stir it until it's melted. What colour glaze
you make as I said is optional I added 1/4 teaspoon of the white and 1/4 teaspoon of
blue. You can leave it white, you can make it pink whatever you would like the outside
of yours to look like.
Take your cheesecake out of the fridge and open up the box, this should come apart fairly
easily. Remove the box and the paper from the base side of the logo, this side should
have a stripe of white down it so you should be able to identify it from the other sides
you need to look for it because you want our f to be the right way up.
Make yourself a base out of thick card just covered in foil and put it on the base of
your cheesecake and tip it the right way up. Next to glaze it place it on a couple of cups
sitting inside a baking dish or a tray. This is so that it can catch all the drips of glaze
that drip down and you can remelt and use that another time on another dessert. And
peel of the baking paper from all around the edges and the use a soup ladle to spoon the
mixture over the cheesecake allowing the excess just to drip off. For a smoother coat place
it in the fridge and repeat the glazing a second time. Put the whole thing in the fridge
and then once it has stopped dripping use a hot knife to clean around the base.
Then very carefully transfer it to your serving platter, a palette knife make this job much
easier for you because you can put it down flat and then slide it out.
Add your dainty white chocolate butterflies, to make these see the tutorial that I made
earlier I will place a link in the description below the video for you.
And then you are ready to serve it to the table and surprise your party goers, everyone
gets the logo on the slice of dessert that they get.
Thanks for watching click on the howtocookthat banner to go to the channel and check out
more of my desserts cake decorating tutorials and chocolate videos and you can leave your
requests in the comments below. Have a great week, see you next Friday, Bye
[music The Boat Song by youtube.com/setsailtv used with permission]
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張懿慧 published on June 29, 2015
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