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Welcome to How To Cook That
I am Ann Reardon Happy New Year to you all Today we are making a surprise inside dessert.
Since the instagram chocolate mousse dessert and the face book cheesecake dessert
I have had requests for a twitter one and a justin bieber one so I asked you a few weeks
back to vote for either one of them. And thankfully it was a landslide with nearly 1,000 twitter
requests compared to only a couple of hundred for justin. If you requested it make sure
you click share and tweet this video.
You can use this method that I am going to show you to make all different surprise inside
desserts not just twitter.
To make the dessert you will need a tall container with straight sides, I am using a plastic
jug. Then print out your logo in a size that fits your container nicely.
Now we need to make a logo cutter. To make that I purchased some pure aluminium flashing
from the hardware store in a thickness of 0.3mm that thickness bends easily but still
holds its shape well. This one is 150mm wide it doesn't need to be that big so if your
store has a narrower one you can get that instead. If not then trim cut off a strip
that is 6cm tall. Make sure you do not buy lead flashing as lead is poisonous it needs
to be aluminium not lead. Once you have cut it fold down the top edge
and use the handle of your scissors to flatten out the fold. The fold is there so that when
you are using the cutter it is not sharp on you hand.
At the start of your cutter fold and flatten a small edge and that is going to be used
for joining it when we get around to the other end.
Now start to shape the metal around the printed logo. The twitter bird is made from lots of
curves, if you wrap the metal around something that's rounded it will help you get that smooth
rounded shape. We want the starting join to be on an edge
not a corner. Once you get to making a bend use something with a straight edge that you
can fold the metal over Then put it back on the logo and mark where
the next fold should be. Continue to fold and shape the metal around the logo.
You can of course use this method to make whatever logo you would like inside your dessert,
Some areas of the tail need tight crisp corners so you need to make flat folds and open them
up. Because it is quite small area there is no room to press it flat on the bench top
so I held a knife under the area to be flattened, pressed onto that to flatten it and then opened
it up to the right width so you get that sharp corner.
Once you get all the way back to the beginning mark off where the join should be and then
mark where the edge of the joining fold is and then one more mark just beyond that so
that you know where to cut.
Cut across at the last mark and fold along the second one. Interlock the two folds and
then press them firmly together to flatten. I found it easiest to rest a knife on the
container and then press down using a smooth handle. In doing that you might put it all
slightly out of shape so put it over you logo and straighten it up so that it matches as
long as you made each section the right length it should then line up nicely with the logo.
We are going to make the logo out of cremeux which is a bit like a chocolatey custard.
To start with place the gelatin in a bowl and stir in the cool water and leave it to
one side for the water to absorb. Then measure out your cream sugar egg yolks
and white chocolate. All of the recipe quantities that you need are listed on the website howtocookthat.net,
there is a link to page with the recipe in the description just below this video. Whisk
together the eggs yolks and sugar. Place a sieve over the chocolate and then heat the
cream over high heat until it boils.
Whisk a small amount of the hot cream into the egg yolks and sugar, then a little more
and then pour in the rest and mix well.
Return that mixture to the pan and stir it over medium heat until it reaches 180F or
around 80C. Remove from the heat and stir in the gelatin which will now be one big lump.
Once it is completely melted pour through the sieve onto the chocolate.
Leave that for around 30 seconds and then stir to combine the melted chocolate and custard
Now to make it the twitter bird colour is a little tricky because the mixture is yellow
so when we add blue you get green. To solve this you will need to add some white food
colouring and then lots more blue. Once you are happy with the colour pour it into a container
lined with plastic wrap and tap it on the bench to bring any air bubbles to the top.
Place that in the freezer for a few hours.
Once that is frozen use a knife to loosen it from the container and pull it out. Position
your twitter cutter near one edge and push down. Use your brulee torch to warm the mold
and loosen the bird. If you don't have a torch you could place the cutter in hot water before
you use it. Gently push down to release the bird from the mold. Repeat that stacking each
one on top. If you use a smallish container for your creameaux the birds will be quite
thick and easy to work with. Once you get to about the fourth one the tower
will start to wobble so that is when you need to add a skewer down the centre. If you have
more time you can microwave the scraps of creameux and reset them in a smaller container
to make more twitter logos. Otherwise carefully pick up the row of logos that you have and
carefully place them into the container, if you get some on the edges like I did then
using a spatula clean as much off as you can. Then place four pieces of tape across the
top of the container either side of the skewer to hold it in place.
Onto our white chocolate mousse. Add the water to the gelatin just like we did before. Then
whisk together the egg yolks, sugar and cornstarch. In a saucepan add the milk cream and vanilla
and heat it to a boil. Then just like we did for the creameux add
a little of the hot milk mixture tot he eggs whisking the whole time, then a little more
and then the rest. Tip all of this back into the saucepan. Stir over the heat until it
boils and thickens then remove from the heat and in the chocolate and the gelatin and stir
until they are both dissolved. Pour that into a bowl and leave it until it
cools down to room temperature. You do not want it to be warm or the cream will melt
but don't put it in the fridge yet or the gelatin will set. If you want it to look whiter
you can add some white colouring here too. Whip your cream using electric beaters until
it has soft peaks and then fold it into the cooled mixture. To fold scoop down around
the bottom of the bowl and fold over the top. This helps to keep the mixture light and airy.
Once it is well combined pour your white chocolate mousse mixture into your container making
sure it goes all the way around the logo. Tap it a few times to make sure it is all
the way down and then place it in the freezer for at least 4 hours.
You can leave your dessert just like that or if you want to decorate it you can make
a base and glaze. For the base you will need flour, almond meal, powdered sugar, butter,
one egg yolk and an orange. Sift together the flour almond meal and powdered
sugar using a course sieve. If you have a really fine sieve the almond meal will not
go through. Add the butter and rub it into the flour between
your fingers and thumbs until it is well combined. Grate the rind of the orange being careful
to only get the coloured part, if you grate the white bit it does not taste nice.
Juice the orange and add 2 teaspoons of juice and the egg yolk to the flour mixture. Using
your hands mix it together until it forms a ball. Roll it out between tow sheets on
non-stick baking paper and cut it to be 2cm longer and wider than you dessert. If you
are not sure how big your dessert is just pull your container out of the freezer and
measure it. Slide that onto a baking tray, top it with more baking paper and another
baking tray and place it in the oven until it is golden brown.
To make the glaze we need white chocolate, ornage juice, gelatin, cornstarch, cream,
sugar, glusoce syrup or you can use corn syrup. Add 3 tablespoons of juice to the gelatin,
stir and set it aside. Then stir two tablespoons of juice into the cornstarch and stir until
there are no lumps. Then tip this mixture into the juice and stir to combine.
Place the sugar and glucose syrup into a saucepan and stir over the heat until the sugar is
melted. Continue to heat it until it reaches 350F or 175C then pour in the cream. To start
with it will seem like it is not going to come together. But as the cream warms up the
hot sugary mixture will dissolve into it. Then add the juice flour mixture, bring to
the boil and stir well. Remove from the heat and add the gelatin and stir until dissolved
and finally add some colour of choice, I am using orange because I like orange and blue
Pour the orange mixture through a sieve over the chocolate and stir until the chocolate
is dissolved. Tap the bowl on the bench to get rid of as many air bubble as you can.
Now we need to let that cool to room temp or just above. If we put it on the dessert
while it is hot it will just melt a layer of the dessert and slide off.
Take the mousse out of the freezer and pull the skewer out of the centre. Place the container
into a sink of clean hot water being careful not the let the water get into the dessert.
This loosen the dessert from the container so you can slide it out.
To glaze the dessert set up a tray with two cups on it and then rest the frozen dessert
on top. Using a knife or a spatula smooth off the top edge of the dessert the match
the other side. Now smother it in the orange glaze letting
the excess drip off onto the tray. For a thicker glaze you can pour over a second coat.
Use a knife to cut off any excess from around the bottom.
Place your base onto your serving platter and then carefully transfer the dessert onto
the base. You can leave it like that or add some chocolate decorations to finish it off.
There are videos on this channel showing how to make chocolate decorations, if you click
on how to cook that below the video it will take you to the channel and you'll find the
there under the chocolate playlist. Allow it to defrost and then serve it to the
table. Then the exciting moment to cut into it and reveal the logo. So there you have
your surprise inside twitter chocolate mousse dessert.
Put all of your requests in the comments below and click on how to cook that to check out
more desserts, chocolate and creative cakes. Subscribe and I will see you on Friday.
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張懿慧 published on June 29, 2015
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