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  • I had a really good friend. She was moving, and so was I.

  • Kind of looking for a little bit of an adventure, I suggested that maybe we drive to the local state park.

  • We get there, and we start the fire, cooking bratwursts.

  • There was only one unit being used, and it was this guy,

  • was almost like he'd been living there for a while, and he looked like Legolas.

  • My friend was joking that he was the most attractive person she'd ever met living inside a tent.

  • Eventually he wanders over. He repeatedly refers to himself as homeless.

  • His name was Sam, and he had just ended a long relationship, and I had done the same.

  • Because of that sense of temporary presence, we kind of began to talk about that.

  • It was getting much much darker. Not only into the evening but thunderstorms.

  • We could see the lightening in the distance.

  • It's really possible that we're gonna have a tornado.

  • That wasn't a problem for my friend and I because we just lived five miles away,

  • but it was a problem for this guy.

  • I invited him back to my place.

  • He laughed, and he said how do I know you're not gonna murder me?

  • And I said I don't know. Are you gonna murder me?

  • We got back to my place. Eventually I asked why are you living in a tent by the river

  • that seems kinda ludicrous for a 26 year-old man.

  • And he said that he'd been dating a woman for a very long time. They were living together.

  • She had cheated on him.

  • He loved her very very much but couldn't imagine being with her any longer.

  • It was better for him to leave and live in a tent and fish after work than to live in that house with her.

  • After my friend left, I kinda said to him that he should stay.

  • I laughed, and I said nothing's going to happen between us.

  • There was only one bed in my apartment.

  • We got in bed together, and yet I felt really comfortable and at home with him.

  • I was set to start a job about a month later.

  • And we kind of continue our relationship for two weeks until I left.

  • When I got to Alaska, I met someone that I care very very deeply about,

  • and I feel like this is the relationship truly that I think will last... I hope for the rest of my life.

  • It's strange to think that I could like someone briefly and then like someone else a whole lot... more,

  • but I kinda think that's the beauty here is that Sam didn't have to be this thing that lasted forever and ever.

I had a really good friend. She was moving, and so was I.

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