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  • Tom Hanks stars as Captain John Miller - who similarly to Sheen's character in Apocalypse

  • Now, is assigned a team of soldiers, and tasked with venturing into hostile territory to find

  • a single man. As the title suggests, that man is Private Ryan - a young soldier who

  • recently lost all three of his brothers fighting elsewhere in the war. Fearful that Ryan's

  • mother will get notices for all four of her children at once, Miller is dispatched to

  • bring Ryan home safe to prevent such a tragedy. The film opens with a now famous 27-minute

  • scene faithfully, and rather ambitiously recreating the allies' Normandy invasion on Omaha beach.

  • The scene is a visceral experience to behold, truly implanting the viewer into the horrors

  • of a war zone, especially so if the scene is watched with surround sound. From there,

  • we follow Miller and his team through war-torn france, as they search for Ryan while attempting

  • to stay alive. Tom Sizemore, Ted Danson, Jeremy Davies, Matt Damon, Nathan Fillon, and Paul

  • Giamatti are some of the names in the mammoth cast - which unfortunately, are rarely developed

  • to any emotional satisfaction. Scene after scene, our heroes are risking their lives,

  • and dying it battle - but only a select few actually receive any back-story, making the

  • middle of the film feel more like a video game than an Academy Award winning drama.

  • The film act however brings together the survivors in one final fictional battle against the

  • Germans - in an amazingly impressive sequence that combines all of the incredible editing

  • and camera-work of the beachhead assault with the emotional development of Miller's character

  • - making for a gut-wrenching and entertaining battle. In a present-day setting that book-ends

  • the film, it's difficult not to well-up as we witness a veteran thanking the graves of

  • his friends who died in battle over 50 years ago. As always Hanks is the embodiment of

  • talent and class, bringing to life a nuanced solider who must struggle with his thoughts

  • of returning home, and keeping his company alive. Spielberg won his second Academy Award

  • for directing here, which is of course more than well-deserved - everything from the chaotic

  • battle scenes to the quiet moments of dialog are carefully choreographed and filmed - ensuring

  • the audience never feels lost during the movie's 169-minute run time. If you ever wanted to

  • understand or appreciate the glory and disaster of war from the comfort of your own home,

  • you need not look further than "Saving Private Ryan", "War personified, an emotional quest."

  • - Well, those are my thoughts on the movie, now let's see what you had to say in the YouTube

  • comments.

  • Back again, the rate-o-matic to score "Saving Private Ryan"... a NINE and a TEN. This film

  • is perhaps the very best war movie ever made... but it was lacking just a bit of cohesion

  • in the first half of the movie for me to score it a perfect ten... but I thought it was most

  • certainly AWESOME. Few of you had anything negative to say, praising this movie for it's

  • effects, characters, and battle-scenes, rating it AMAZING.

Tom Hanks stars as Captain John Miller - who similarly to Sheen's character in Apocalypse

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