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  • Hey, how's it going?

  • Is this the last of the load?

  • Yup, got here as quick as I could.

  • We've been waiting on this. I need you to get it up there, all right?

  • OK.

  • What? Yeah I know. Look, I need that stuff tomorrow.

  • I'll get right on that...

  • Are you OK?!

  • I can't move the crane!

  • Listen to me. Don't move! That whole area could be energized.

  • What do you mean "Don't move"?

  • You're not in any danger if you don't move. Look, I'll call the power company right now.

  • When a high voltage power line has been contacted, the ground around the point of contact can

  • be energized for a great distance.

  • If you can't move the machine out of contact, and are in no danger, stay put until help arrives.

  • If you are in immediate danger, and have to move, keep your feet together and slowly shuffle

  • at least 10 metres away.

  • Your feet should move no farther than toe to heel, never leaving the ground.

  • For more information on working around power lines, go to or

Hey, how's it going?

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