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  • Sheesh,

  • Whoaa,

  • Gedo,

  • Made,

  • Jungle beats holla at me,

  • GO,

  • UUHH,

  • Yeah,

  • Do the shmurder dance,

  • Do the shmurder daaaance,

  • Yeah

  • Look your girl told me Imma Hot nigga, I ask her why you got all of these THOTS with ya,

  • One thot, too many THOT they all over me,

  • I gotta give her harder d**k she keep scoring on me,

  • Fresh out the big apple I just left the bronx, my nigga Louie told me kill that Shmurder Dance

  • I told em bet no worries imma get it boyy, gotta on this beat and gave it punches like my name is ROYYYYY,

  • Ya must of forgot but I'm from the CHI all

  • Them niggas is bust shots in between your eyes, Not enough leaders so i gotta do it

  • one time, feeling like Nick Cannon how I step out on that drum line....(banging drums rapidly)...

  • Imma monster and my niggas play with steel toys like tonka, be a street fighter that

  • Kick back like Blanka, drop a nigga off like a ride from your partner, the author Edgar Allen Poe with the written

  • Wes Crave with the vision, Jet Lee how I kick it, just skin on these bitches

  • surgery how I stitch it courtesy how I'm spiting...( nice)... these bars, while

  • you rappers still roaming trynna find lines I'm so busy I can't f**k I gotta find time...(sheesh)...

  • so they wait around till its bout time to steal my balls put my d on like primetime

  • (pause).... I'm mighty fine thanks for being worried, my flow just got dipped in curry

  • I wavy and no Murrays...(gedo),... I gave you bars like an episode of OZ this was free,

  • No charge you can save the applause. tweaking hoe tweaking hoe swallow me and then my bro,

  • feeling like malasis how that sticky got my moving slow... hold up wait a minute

  • I gotta say it free Meek hoe, free JoJo and money now lets get back to the money GONE!!!!


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