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Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon Today we have the new release of the surprise
cakes App. I'll show you first how to make this cake and then...
It's so exciting!! Drumroll For those of you unfamiliar with my app, once you've made your
cake or your cupcake, you print out the marker and place it on top. Open up the app, choose
the one you are using and walah a 3D pirate ship appears on top of your cake.
How easy was that, so much quicker than making it all out of fondant. Because it is 3D you
can look all around it, you can fire the cannons, you can make the sails go up and down. You
can even see down into the water and see sharks and things going past. Oh my goodness this
is one of those apps you really have to try it to see what it is like. Because it is 3D
it is really hard to show it in a video.
This is the fourth release of the SURPRISE CAKES app it already lets you put fireworks,
dragons or unicorns on your cakes. If you already have the app thank you so much for
your support and getting in early on - this is a free update for you, just click on update
and head over to howtocookthat.net to print out the marker for the pirate ship.
If you don't have Surprise Cakes app yet then you can get it what are you waiting for it
is on the itunes app store or google play.
Now how to make the cake. You will need 2 quantities of buttercream
and three round sponge cakes. And I'll link you to my recipes and videos for those on
this weeks howtocookthat.net blog post.
Between the layers of this one I am putting apple sauce and some crepe dentelle for a
bit of crunch. To keep it crunchy we need to mix it in with 1 cup of the buttercream.
Now the filling will give it an apple crumble flavour, you can use just plain buttercream
or whatever flavoured filling the person you are making it for likes.
Split you cakes in two, add apple sauce followed by the buttercream crunchy filling. Place
that on your plate or cake stand and stack them up.
Place the rest of your buttercream into a piping bag fitted with a large nozzle and
pipe it around the cake, if you don't have a piping bag or you don't have a large nozzle
that's fine you can just spread that buttercream around the cake. This just makes it a lot
quicker doing ti this way.
Take a spatula and smooth out the top and then the sides of the cake as well.
use your spatula to clean off the cake platter. Roll out some light blue fondant and place
it over the top of the cake and smooth it down the sides.
roll out some more and cut a straight edge and use your knife to cut a wavy edge Like
some waves going up and down. Roll out a long snake of white and add it along the top to
make our wave.
using your fingers put a small amount of water around the top of the cake, this helps the
fondant to stick, but if you use too much it's just going to slide off.
Wrap the strip of fondant around the cake. Then repeat that with another strip of pale
The other way you can do the same thing is to add the strip of wavy colour and then once
it is in place add a tiny bit of water and the snake of white on top. Either way is fine
just continue to add more layers changing the colour of it to a deeper blue as you go,
until you get all the way to the bottom of the cake.
To make some gold coins for our treasure chest roll out some dark coloured fondant. Then
use a straw to cut out little circles. Then using a dry paintbrush just dust them with
some gold luster dust.
Roll a cylinder of brown fondant and then cut off a slice for the top of the treasure
chest. Shape the left over piece into a rectangle
box, the same width as your lid. Using your knife make indents for the planks
of wood then run the tip of the knife down gently to make it look like it's got a wood
grain. Do the same on the top of the chest.
For the inside we want it to look like it is actully a deep treasure chest. So just
make a line along each edge and take out a little of the fondant so that it dips down
there. Now take your straw and make indents all over the inside like it is full of coins.
And then dust it with gold luster dust just on the area where the coins are.
Then add some of your loose coins on top and it looks like treasure.
Take some paler brown roll it out thinly and cut a strip and add those strips up the sides
of the front of the treasure chest and across the top of the lid there.
For the lock roll a tiny ball of fondant and make an indent in the middle of it, brush
it with gold, don't you love it how when you brush something with gold it goes from looking
ordinary to looking really good. Add that to the front of the chest.
For the lock on the top of the chest. Roll another ball, flatten it out with your finger.
Then use a straw to cut out a circle out of the centre. This will leave you with a skinny
donut, squash it a bit and add a little snake across the top, then trim each side. then
brush it to make it gold and add it onto the lid.
Now for our island take some sand coloured fondant and rounghly roll it making it skinnier
at the edges. Just using your rolling pin adn pushing down there. Using your knuckles
roughen up the surface.
Take some blue and some white fondant and put them together and swirl them together.
Now you can just twist it fold it twist it fold it and roll it between your hands. Now
the more you mix it the less noticeable the swirls will be so it up to you how much you
want to mix it. Roll it out then add a snake of white on one edge and continue to roll
that together. Place it around the edge of the island folding back the top white edge
there just so it is like waves splashing onto the beach of the island. Neaten up the edge
then add it to the top of the cake. again lifting up the outside edge so that it looks
like waves coming up.
Make an indent in the top of the sand I'm just using the back of a knife to do that.
And add your treasure chest with a few coins around it. Making that indent just makes it
look like the chest is heavy. So it is sinking into the sand there
Add the marker and make sure you position this it in the middle of the cake so the ship
sits in the right place. Just so you know if you scale the map marker here bigger or
smaller then your ship will be bigger or smaller which is good if you're doing a larger cake
or if you want to print out a massive one for the floor then you'll have a pirate ship
And your cake is done ready to surprise the guests at the party.
Just a word of warning make sure you let them use the Surprise Cakes App before you actually
want to cut the cake because the kids will all want to have a turn playing with it and
looking around the ship. So if you are ready to eat you are going to be delayed there.
So just bring it out early.
Share this video with someone you know who needs a quick solution to an amazing cake,
You don't even have to bake you can buy a store bought cake and put the marker on top.
Surprise cakes app is available for itunes and google play.
Subscribe to How To Cook That for more cakes chocolates and desserts, click here to go
to my website and get the recipes and here for my youtube channel to see all my other
Have a wonderful week and I'll see you on Friday.[music: the boat song by youtube.com/setsailtv
used with permission]
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MAGIC PIRATE SHIP CAKE Ann Reardon How To Cook That

828 Folder Collection
張懿慧 published on June 27, 2015
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