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  • Thank you for not arguing.

  • And I know you're a good father, so, tell me,

  • what would you do?

  • You got that kind of money?

  • I got it,

  • but it's gonna hurt.

  • I wanted to retire next year. This'll put that off for a while,

  • a long while.

  • I never should've had four.

  • You know, when you were two years old,

  • we thought you had polio.

  • You know about that?

  • Yeah, Mom once said something. Yeah, well,

  • for a week, we didn't know.

  • I hated you for that.

  • What? I did.

  • I did. I hated having to go through that.

  • The caring, the worrying, the pain,

  • that's not for me.

  • You know, it's not like that all ends

  • when you're 18 or 21 or 41 or 61.

  • It never, never ends.

  • It's like your Aunt Edna's ass.

  • It goes on forever, and it's just as frightening.

  • It's true.

  • There is no end zone.

  • You never cross the goal line, spike the ball and do your touchdown dance.

  • Never.

  • I'm 64,

  • Larry, 27,

  • and he's still my son,

  • like Kevin is your son.

  • Do you think I want him to get hurt?

  • He's my son.

  • Come on.

  • Oh, I'm all right. I'll figure it out.

  • Hey.

  • Who's to say who's a shitty father?

  • Kevin's in therapy.

  • We got called to school last year because Taylor was kissing all the boys.

  • Justin keeps ramming things with his head.

  • My career is in the shithouse.

  • You worry too much.

  • You always did.

Thank you for not arguing.

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Parenthood (10/12) Movie CLIP - Who's a Shi**y Father? (1989) HD

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