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Hello Food Tuber's. Today I have a stonkin little
recipe for you. It is my family traditional
Irish Seafood Chowder. It is totally heartwarming, comforting,
delicious. This soup was one of my favorite recipes my mom used to make when I was
growing up. It is total comfort food, and it's a great family little dish.
Very easy to make. So it starts off by chopping up some onions to give us a
really great base flavour.
To start this off, I'm going to sweat down these onions with a good bit of
Irish salted butter. So get that straight into a pot,
a nice bit hearty pot, this is a kind of soupy, stewy, chowdery thing so we want to give something
that's scrumptious and delicious,
delicious and comforting, and all that wonderful things. So onion goes straight in with all that wonderful
Just add a tiny touch of salt in there to bring out the moisture in the onions, and it will
give you a wonderful sweetness to those onions. Really special and a great start
to the base of this soup.
Once that onion is nice and soft get in some smoked streaky bacon,
and a little bit of thyme.
Now while that bacon is cooking out, I'm just going to chop up
some potatoes. So peel them up and chop them into a nice kind of fine dice.
Typically you're looking for waxy potatoes or potato that's gonna hold its
shape when it cooks out in a chowder like this.
Now that I have all my potatoes beautifully chopped up, come right over here and check this
out because in the
bottom of this pan lies the secret of a truly good chowder.
All those little brown bits that have caramelized at the base of
the pan that is where all the flavours gonna come from. So make sure you get
Once you have it, add in those potatoes straight in on top. Give them a little bit
of a stir, and come and get excited with all the other flavours that are in there.
Make them flavour friends. Give it a quick stir and just toss.
At this point now, when you have your potatoes covered in all that wonderful flavours,
and saltiness from the bacon, it's time to cook out the potatoes. To do that,
I have about a litre of fish stock going in here. If you don't want to use fish stock here you
of course use vegetable stock, and it's a great little alternative.
For an extra aromatic dimension add in a bay leaf.
Bring all that liquid up to the boil and potatoes are now gonna cook
just until they're tender when you pierce them with a fork. So it's about twelve minutes or so.
Whilst those potatoes are cooking away just grab a tiny touch of sea salt and black pepper
and season it up. To give wonderful richness to the soup, once the potatoes are
nice and cooked, add some cream in here and turn down the heat and just
trickle this through. It turns this very kind of simple little soup
into something rich and indulgent. Now the fish I'm using today, and it's totally up to you
what you use
I'm using some smoked un-dyed haddock, and it really adds some
great intense smoky flavour to your chowder.
I've also got some cod and some salmon, but it's really up to you
whatever fish you want to use in here. So I'm going to start off by adding in my mussels.
Give them a quick stir through and then just
over-the-top get all that wonderful fish in there as well.
At this point now, once the fish is in there don't be tempted to stir it around
too much.
Just get them in straight on and let it cook for a few minutes. Just until the fish is nice and firm.
My fish has had it's time to cook and now it's time
for the big seafood chowder reveal. So bring it over,
open it up,
look at that! Steamy, fishy goodness!
You've gotta try this recipe. This is a real
real winner and now I can't resit but to jump in there,
and taste it, because it has the most beautiful smoky smell wafting around the
kitchen right now.
And it totally delivers.
Creamy, salty, sweet and really rich.
I want you to give this a go, but if you are looking for the recipe it is in the box
There is lots and lots of brilliant recipes right here
on Food Tube. So, of course I know that you're going to check them out.
And of course subscribe to the channel. If you want to check out more of my beautiful
Irish recipes and also wonderful recipes as well, click subscribe to my channel as well.
We'll see you soon guys.
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Irish Seafood Chowder | Donal Skehan

1202 Folder Collection
Sū-guân Âng published on June 23, 2015
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