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Hi there
would you like to learn about HD?
follow me! *HDYO -- What is HD?*
HD is a neurological condition. Crowd: A what?
it means it affects the brain
HD is genetic and we all have the gene that causes HD,
But some people have a gene which is longer than it should be
and that causes people to develop HD
HD is hereditary, which means that a child of someone who has HD
has a 50/50 chance of having HD.
Hang on! Why do they call it Huntington's disease? Excellent question! They call it HD because,
A doctor named George Huntington was the first to describe HD back in 1872
There are three kinds of symptoms that people with HD are affected by
Involuntary movements
Cognitive symptoms, which means thinking. And Behavioural symptoms
Involuntary movements, sometimes known as chorea, which is the Greek word for dance,
can sometimes lead to problems with balance, walking and functioning
Cognitive, thinking symptoms, affects your ability to plan, multi-task
and can impact on a person's memory
Behavioural symptoms can make people angry or sad
And can make people do things which can be out of character
People with HD are affected differently
One person may have more involuntary movements and hardly any behavioural symptoms
Another may have lots of behavioural symptoms and hardly any involuntary movements
People can get HD at any age, but usually they get it between the ages of 30 to 50
New research suggests there are more people with HD than previously thought
It is actually estimated that every 1 in 8,000 people in the world have HD
However, there are researchers all over the world working hard
To find some treatment as soon as possible
We hope that this video has helped you to understand what HD is!
Thanks for watching!
There are three kinds of symptoms that people with HD are affected by
Un... In-behavioural... woops!
There are three kinds of.... There are three types of...
HD is hereditary....
*Sigh* Hereditary! Hereditary!
HD is hereditary which means that... OK!
HD is hereditary... (sigh) why, at that point I can't!!
Excellent question! They call it Huntington... HD... Argh!
However, researchers... Researchers?
Researchers... Yep...
However, researchers all around the world are working hard...
to find some treatment as quickly as possible
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What is Huntington's Disease?

1715 Folder Collection
James published on June 17, 2015
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