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  • When you're starting your run you don't want to start at full speed. You do want to allow

  • your body to adapt gradually as you move into it.

  • Sometimes as you're starting a running program you might want to start walking or even a

  • slight jog. Just to let your body, again, let your muscles warm up, let your heart rate

  • get up to speed a little bit before you really start to go full speed.

  • And if you're going to do a little bit of stretching we don't recommend you do static

  • stretching. Static stretching is when you hold the stretch.

  • We don't recommend that you do that because when you do static stretching you hold it

  • for a long period of time you can actually deactivate the muscle.

  • That's counterproductive to what we want to do when we get into our run. What we suggest

  • is dynamic stretching is almost an active stretch to get you started. So I'm going to

  • show you a short dynamic stretch for your hamstring and your calf.

  • So what you can do just lean here on your right leg. Point your left leg forward pointing

  • down on your heel and bending across at the waist. Lean forward just a little bit.

  • And you start to feel the stretch in your calf and your hamstring. Again, don't hold

  • it too long, just lean forward a little bit, hold it for a couple seconds and let it go.

  • And this allows some blood to get to your muscles, warm up your muscles a little bit

  • so you can get started.

  • It's good to stretch a little bit before your run because again it's part of the warm up.

  • It lets your body adapt to the activity that you're about to be doing. And it actually

  • tells your brain to get ready and say this is what my body is about to be doing. This

  • is what I need you to do.

  • Just be sure to include the warmup as part of your run so you have a more enjoyable experience.

When you're starting your run you don't want to start at full speed. You do want to allow

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