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hello guys my name is Davood
I made his videos show you how to incorporate wall in forex trading in
and I know there are lots of videos out there talking about
using volume in forex using
BS a method in forex any be using the blackout method
and I love those all school stuff
but there's a problem with all of them the problem they had ease
that they had a big misunderstanding in the concept of
wall in the forest so what is
tic data and bodies real million a lot of people say
the are e3 in aspects of the same
being were at least a represent the same main
but we're gonna first talk about how dr.
me how the art form in them then talk about the differences
first the William while he's made of the combination of
mining and selling so the basic concept ease
if there is more mind on you and then selling volume
their value of the currency would increase and the price of the currency
would go
in this is the same thing about the opposite
to selling volume is more than mine volume
value of the currency would decrease and the price at the currency windfall
so this is the basic knowledge about
incorporating wall you mean you in trading analysis
for this topic there are many books
read in those are available in the market there is a problem
all of these books words you markets
read centralize exchange places like stocks
were in markets with our centralized
exchange sites like Forex market we don't have a real long and Anna
soon be a new type of data which is available lease
teach dad we chilled amount of currency Pierre movement in a certain amount of
now berries weird B&B duty starts
lot advertisements coming up
every gay trying to sell you did videos the DVD's were given to staffers
that could use sheet data instead of
volume data the market's that be doing have the real William available
in the in addition to forex market that
lead early dozen have a centralized exchange police
to give st. wall %um info
in markets like stocks in futures
be also have to he some corporations like
East signal 1980 2g boss
reliable while %um data
but what if we don't have such amount of money
do you really make enough money to pay fifty dollars per month for
just data feed he's data feed dad important for us
there's question to be asked in defeat
dome have such a manner money to pee
just for data feed any fur trading floor instead
done in half that feed available can be just to rely on
keep down a in this soon this is their representative of
the real data unfortunately but the creators of
these videos in South offers don't understand
easy fundamental difference between
volume data in DT you should be displaying example
listener lookin at euro USD pair
suddenly a huge amount of selling comes in market thousands of contracts are
in on the other hand the real the Mounties bot
let's say ten thousand contracts
are sold and 100 contracts are month as I said earlier
more selling than buying drive the price down
but how much 10,000 contracts celine
100 mind in malls have known chance
but to give up the price drops
heavily now what does it take data show us
how much did activity daddy's Action Comics
a low amount if this surprises you
until you why just look at the fundamental
meaning of big data in this battle
between bulls and bears dairies actually known struggled with him
numbers moos give up easily
mares win easily the reason the time burger prize
goes a lot involvement now lecomba far back down which is called the choppiness
price around fundamental releases and so on
the regional champion a surprise prize
Jenna's farms down easily
now consider another scenario
suppose a market that doesn't happen determine way
they are by years the arse sellers
in actually no one has more
happier to win the battle so what is the price
do what this time did rise
stars to get choppy moos our down
down and actually doesn't have a determined way
in a short amount of time non Arctic
activities produced now let's compare these two cases
in the first case there was
actually a high amount of new one coming into the market
but as there was no struggle between Golden Bears
the price gave up easily feel down easily
now in the second case there was an actual struggle between two balls embers
price actually been up and down had a lot of movement
had a lot of activity which means hand
and Nana sheik activity as you can see from these two examples
keep volume doesn't necessarily represent a real lawyer
when actually in these two cases showed exactly the
opposite bring now does this take data
have anywhere you the answer is yes
but under one condition that be interpret them as the
are and owns understand the mass real long
look at a division of the call you this is the amount of activity
matters struggle between the booze and the burgers
little too volume means the old struggle between two balls in the burbs
high-tech activity means a lot of the struggle between two peoples and the
hi he struggled with him was in the boers means uncertainty in the direction
of the price
enterprise now and im sure u
want to discuss already on a chart
I used
teach dancer beach I get from my broker
which is awesome free I'm
you USD 100 chart let's take a look at this chart and try to find out
Howell teach William
words with candlesticks analysts find some
Rd activity look at this tactic activities
the biggest dick activity in this chart in a can see
in let's take a look at the channel that represents their
there's a look at this small dick activities listed candle that presents
this massive hang on I'm gonna show you
interesting stuff how to interpret
the chance to stay sweet take activity first
you have to know the background from price action
so you have to know the scandals the great year Muse
rejection from the top because it's closed in the middle of that
its bearish follows
some bearing bullish candles so this is bearish candle
shows committed to making it to you have to know a little bit around chart
look at here this is one top tries to make another top-10 closed
Obama first this is the will to so we have
had informations here: an
you have to know about to look at this the OG
GG GG GG now listen corporate
deep understanding of teak activity we teach Oct
I have some rules
in using to get actively team chars
and refer to it as well %um because ours
I don't want it to be misunderstood with real William
lot of people talk about in their strategies in the year stay in my
this is totally different thing so I will call it all the time to get to it
instead of volume
although the title at the speed you reads
warning Forex so when I'm doing
is I looked for
unusual peak activity des formes
and I'm
I have one rule one important rule
J called middle finger roll
might be a column in Effingham because in looks like a middle finger
need to get activity chart began here
is like on a funny thing is bent in the middle finger is painting a
iffy go back became
maybe can find weekend
Arctic activity like middle finger den stands out
in middle of other fingers which are bent
in the gate and the middle finger
morning up to the sky I look for these unusual pic activities
in the show you really really interesting stuff we get this one right
what kind of care non-standard bullish candle you not trend
close in the middle shows weakness me know that already from price action
but look at peak activity
decision really big dick activity
in it doesn't matter if I'm using my brokers
suffer using the online time to trade
online charts beach and reusing right now doesn't matter
the the stands our this kind of candle this
one our time in the euro USD lifetimes
and scout from the previous one makes me
conceal an activity and this one
larger struggle to go up and he's just retake it back down
but does show gonna struggle between
bulls and bears you cannot move shows
exhaustion of the OPM you do for work to find another minifigure
neither point to Dr Singh get down
dalam was big bullish candle
in every point of view
be bullish candle be this size but his show
the time in demand that what does it big blue's cannot show
and show strength strength at the upside
does show weakness you'll be surprised if I now
whenever you see be can elect this
in special going to be a reaction to death is bearish candle
is the classic sign of weakness
especially when it is combined with
Heidi William activity the price goes up
lot of struggles between bulls and bears inaccurate
it finishes is push me back guarantee be good to have a chance
big mergers these two channels together
what we would get with bush can restore some here goes up to use a smack down to
right here aluminum you know to this evening
and all sleepy separate peace candle 22 candles
begin by Kanal mackie's really bullish close to town
not a candle which is bearish close in the middle
BGP commandos 2 we get this one
okay this is a basic rule missing the rule
another user dick activities any gives us
more information to the price action
he chooses new dimension the size the prize
action initially an example for this one
let's talk about the skin missus bushkin
closing the middle shows weakness I think activity
news the problem the absent
this is a small can moves really small it has
actually high mountain activity to its own
so it doesn't show weakness
it means the skin on these balls are not powerful enough
these awesome news bears are not powerful enough show some kind of site
ranging unity is conceded following candles
he tries to go up his rejected in tricycle down
gets rejected the next thing
this find them high 82 cannons to
an online look at this one we are actually arranging this morning
trying to go out trying to go down feeling feeling feeling in that range is
you see this signal that the it break camp is about to happen
a tumor I can struggle till you
only this type of analysis to William announces
and to rate me can show you high probability set-ups were
these kinda ranges treaty
to find down from before the break your be traded breakout could be
the CB you need to use a there she's how powerful this tool is
and I'm sure you're right now legit here
hi William Heidi Heidi activity
on a bearish candle which and you rejected by a top side
and double top me to show your
this is sign a region the sign that it's not going
upwards this season is gonna many scandals bullish
look at that this size up the candle is
smaller than that it means
deranged the price has been moved in in
his release montana previous one look at the activity
this is surprising this is interesting
I can issue you were price was doing during deformation a
the scan began makers in it's been going down
up down up down up in crazy to me finally
alone in the center
let me show you what happened during the formation of this can a
it had release Mon activity
reels mama it did something like this the movement by slow
Indian clothes into cams but this one
crazy acting to do information after and you can see the Sprint
we stay Kong nu Parfums great analyses BSC
the rain been behind lemme his really small compared to the previous scandals
but the activities the biggest and bush
by the DC his sis the res beak struggle
in going up and acid
the kidneys can miss gans bearish
activities somehow half of the previous can
arranges man same range
be compared to the activity you can see these bearish mood was
really more sir mean determine
less movement enclosed into mom's
I can see clear sign of weakness
just plain LinkedIn these three candles
so after I see these three candles I'm sure
betrayed all people recanted answer
this what happened trying to go up a little bit
in disc uniform
been talking about to get committee guys keep in mind
be looking for unusual activity in
the wall %um chart the volume indicator
which is this going on display on these this morning is when
and looking at unusual activity you channel sticks
DC nines you like to think on on crazily
this unusual activity falling down brazenly
this is unusual activity and look at their BC small kennel million
so the only be museum be bearish candle
this is unusual activity
want to see that be take a look at the activity task
new camp crazy these became how surprising ease
beautiful beaches
this is bearish candle media good sizes
really good price range religious prayer
you can thank you to get to these little
I know those people trying to sell you their vaca staff
would say your activities la william
no interested damn sight they might eventually be seized
no supply indication
buck lookin interpretation of
Detective Lt artistic activity
means no struggle said the same thing every told you in the example
dearest 10,000 Syrian orders nearly a thousand by anglers
what does it do do beers have problem
pushing the price down how to Luton a crash the price down easily
look at dated Louis in mind the previous week
even the seasonal weakness
let's see what a grace period at information desk in
ranging site the site in December
feel down begin their kill them
me to not lose started falling down nothing bluestein
can you see how powerful this is just looking at some candles and
fine now the regime to track
in the middle finger we get there
pinky ring finger middle finger point for your
mom what does it show dress go up can't
tricycle down champ closes the reaction to that
sry lead relatively small bullish candle
weeds somehow
not little activity but not as high as the previous
beach shoes Lacombe weakness lack of depress phone down with this issue will
be stranded
prices gone was it as you can see the press and the phone
now we stand pick up a little bit retraces been
in this clearly shows that 21
but we should be doing comparing the size of the canyon
spread has been highs and lows the title the candle and compare it with the long
if it's a small kennel with the small William is no
he should be candle will be volume its am
might be sterilized its norm look at this one
departed the candle his big but idk endorsement look at the lines
the article shoes that damn sight
has love struggle so does not going down certainly did
rallied up not enough now we can compare these two candles
and have the exact same body spread
but high in line different look at the activity after
differs one right here did which is bearish has no activity
no problem today announcing the second one
has more activity problem to be upset Dendy have
candle to be the same size bodies the apt to use
to comfort him perfectly look at this no William
highly low activity high activity
Los Robles high struggle knows related asset price booms in
this is as simple as that now that we've covered
massive the important stuff and bound detected in alice is love you mine
dick active denounces not really strategy
you can you see mining mean by detaining strategies in treating
plans when it's does seem me
to set up treats into trees
a to treat was trying to combine their
be other medicines in the plan of peace
media least June increase your
edge beecher current training
man if you're looking for a treatment
and BB leaving my home treating
new future in them from here
such tragedy channel could be in touch
am sure guys agree treating 100
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Volume in Forex

1262 Folder Collection
JJK published on June 16, 2015
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