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♪ (punk rock music) ♪
(obnoxious munching)
Oh, that's the worst.
Oh my god.
(student) Any chance you could not sit right exactly behind me?
(pranker) Oh, I'm sorry.
- (stifled laughter) - Was I too close?
- I would slap that guy. - (pranker) Sorry about that.
- (slurps loudly) - (cracks up)
(loud crunching)
You aren't supposed to eat in a library. Oh god.
I don't like that guy.
(quiet laughter)
- I wanna do this. - (loud slurping)
- Oh go-- I'm getting annoyed just sitting... - (pranker belches)
..here and I'm not even there.
(smacking lips noisily)
(snickers) That girl in the back now.
- (loud munching) - (laughs)
(laughing) That carrot!
Who eats a carrot?
(pranker) I can't study without a good snack.
- (loud munching) - Is that a head of lettuce in his hand?!
Oh, come on.
(in video) Hmm?
- You gonna sit here? - Yeah.
- Then I'm moving. - (laughs)
I would slap that guy so hard.
(students chatter)
Oh, I've seen this! It's awesome.
Good afternoon, I'm Dr. Hafensteiner
and I'll be your professor for Chemistry 131.
This class is extremely hard.
- Last year, 55% of this class failed. - (students gasp)
I would freak out.
(professor) Are any of you interested in going to med school,
by a show of hands?
(professor) At all.
(professor) If you want to just-- I do these little demonstrations.
If you could just stand up.
Okay, everyone on the left-hand section and the middle section sit down.
- (in video) What?! - Oh my god.
(students murmur in disbelief)
(professor) Take a look at the proportion of who's still standing--
that's the proportion of people who made it to medical school.
That's crazy.
- (professor) Laptops and cell phones... - That was terrifying to me
'cause I want to go to med school.
(professor) ..I don't like them in class.
This is so mean!
He's already stressing these kids out on their first day.
(professor) So if you have a laptop, please put it away.
This is evil!
I would run out of that class so fast.
Okay, let's get started with a little--
(real professor) Who the-- who the hell are you?
- (real professor) Who are you? - OH!
Oh, shoot!
Is he not the teacher? He's not the teacher!
(laughing) Oh my god.
That was awesome. That is a good prank.
I love that. He's like, "Who the hell are you?"
(cracking up)
Oh, this is the patience test guy.
(in video: growling)
- (in video: alarm blares) - I saw the first one.
(loudly) Hey, let's go on a safari! Hoo!
If my roommate did this, I would kill her.
(in video) Today, you look like a star.
(chuckling) Wow, he has great focus.
How are you putting up with that?!
Ahh, see, he smiled. (laughs)
Sir, I can't even explain how good your hair looks right now, man!
(deranged screaming)
How does he not hate him?
"He was a good sport and he passed."
Seriously, he should get a plaque for this.
Oh my gosh. (laughs)
Oh no!
(in video: snickering)
They're, like, really good friends.
Like, REALLY good friends.
(laughing) Oh, those were good.
♪ (punk rock music) ♪
(Finebros) So let's put yourself in these scenarios.
If you're in the library and someone started eating really loud
next to you, what do you think you would do?
I would start cracking up.
I would start laughing because it was so funny.
I'd probably take their food and throw it.
I'm nice, so I probably wouldn't say anything.
I'd pretend like I could be confrontational and be like,
But, really, I would probably get up and storm off.
(Finebros) In the professor prank, how would you have felt
when you realized you were just listening to some guy
and not the professor?
It would frustrate me.
I would have thought it was hilarious, like, genius!
I would be confused, but also relieved.
I wouldn't even believe the next guy being the professor.
I would be like, "Who else is coming?"
(Finebros) And, finally, if you had a roommate that was testing
your patience like that, what do you think you would do to him?
I don't know.
I would park their car in a no-parking zone and get it towed.
I would just be like, "You know what? This isn't gonna work anymore
and I'm going to the library and I will sit through those people
chewing loudly."
(Finebros) So all of these revolved around college settings.
Do you plan to go to college?
Community, then transfer.
Yes, I want to go to college really bad!
Yes, and I would like to study medicine or pre-med.
(Finebros) And are you currently in college?
Yeah, I'm in college.
I'm in my first year.
I just finished my second year.
I am currently a Communications Studies major.
I'm a pre-med bio-chem major with a minor in Political Science.
(Finebros) And what are you going through in terms
of getting prepared to go to college?
Well, I gotta take my SAT.
And then I gotta study for that too.
Yeah, I had [bleep] storm of papers...(laughs),
basically, and a bunch of essays saying,
"Hey, this is why you should let me in."
(moaning) Oh much!
Especially too if you're the first in your family to go into college.
You have no idea what's going on, so you're just kind of listening,
keeping an ear out to what you're supposed to be even doing.
(Finebros) What was the experience like for you
when you were in high school and it was time to apply to college?
Okay, for me, that was the most stressful thing.
The college application process was not a fun time.
You have to write an essay.
18 years of your life comes down to 600 words.
It's a very critical decision making time of your life
and it's weird because it's like you're so young
and you have this big life choice to make.
Thankfully, I had a really good counselor.
The best thing is to start as early as possible.
(Finebros) And how important is a college education to you?
I mean, very important considering the fact
that I wanna go to law school.
In terms of medicine, it's pretty much everything.
(laughter) I don't really have any other choice.
It's good for job opportunities, and it's also good, I think,
just for personal growth.
I just feel like I'm supposed to because everybody else does it
and that's the only way to get a decent job,
or at least that's the way it seems.
My parents didn't have college degrees and they're fine in their jobs,
but now you absolutely need a college degree to get a good job.
You just have to be passionate about what you're gonna do
and if college is in that equation to make it easier for you
to reach your goal, then I think you should go to college.
(Finebros) And what's your impression of the cost of college?
I think it's way too expensive.
I know a lot of people who are actually thinking of dropping out
because it's so hard for them to actually pay for college
and that's just wrong.
My aunts, they're still in college debt.
My parents are like, "No, we've got this. We'll figure it out."
But I'm like, "No, I don't want you spending all of this money on me."
(Finebros) And what about things like financial aid or student loans?
You have any information about how that works?
Not really.
I don't even know if we qualify for it.
I've tried, but I'm not gonna get financial aid.
I have looked into student loans.
I took out student loans. I did get financial aid.
First, you've gotta fill out the FAFSA.
I don't know what it stands for, but I know you get money from it.
If you need to take a loan, you should, obviously,
because education is invaluable.
Even if you're not kind of rough on money,
it's still a good idea to go check it out.
There's so many loopholes that they don't teach you about
so I feel like a lot of that money that people could be using
to help further their education, who are interested in doing that,
falls through the cracks.
(Finebros) So back to these videos, they all had to do with pranking
in colleges.
Why is that such a perfect setting for pranks?
Well, because you don't have any parents anymore.
You have complete freedom.
People are also really vulnerable
because there's also those people that are trying to study and do work.
I think social media definitely has something to do with it.
People really do things for the views.
It's a bunch of young people and we're all crazy and stupid
and wanna have fun, and everything's so stressful.
You have to have something to buffer, you know what I mean?
(Finebros) And, finally, of these three videos
which one was your favorite?
Definitely the just eating in the library.
Where he was chewing super loud.
I really liked the patience test.
The professor one.
Probably the teacher one.
I loved the professor one because that's the one I want to see
happen at my school next semester!
Maybe I'll do it.
Watch me-- well, I don't think anyone would ever believe
- that I was a professor. - (Finebros chuckles)
But maybe one day!
That's the end of another episode of Teens React.
Make sure to subscribe. We have new videos every week.
Good bye, guys.
(loud munching)
♪ (punk rock music) ♪
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893 Folder Collection
張寶敏 published on June 16, 2015
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