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  • As Hollywood goes franchise crazy, can an oldy but a goody get in on that action?

  • You're watching Beyond The Trailer’s review of Jurassic World...

  • Jurassic Park came out over twenty years ago, and there hasn’t been another entry in the

  • franchise since 2001. But certainly not for lack of trying! Steven Spielberg, who directed

  • the first entry before moving solely to producer status on the franchise, never gave up on

  • the idea of fourth film. When Keira Knightley made a big splash with Pirates of the Caribbean

  • back in 2003, Spielberg immediately began talks with her to join the franchise. When

  • that didn’t work out, Spielberg turned to Jeremy Piven who’d just made a big impression

  • in Hollywood with Entourage, as well as Emmy Rossum who’d just landed the lead role in

  • The Phantom of the Opera. He then considered David Boreanaz - hot off of his Buffy spin-off

  • Angel. Yes, for some reason, when it comes to casting films he ISN’T directing, Spielberg

  • is oddly focused on star power - often chasing up and coming talent like a dog chasing cars,

  • and compounding the problem even more so is he’s often chasing the WRONG cars. That’s

  • evidenced by Ron Howard’s daughter Bryce Dallas Howard eventually landing the female

  • lead here - an actress Hollywood is enamored with but with whom audiences are not. But

  • then Spielberg went after one car nobody could miss and that everyone was chasing, Chris

  • Pratt. When Guardians of the Galaxy became one of the most successful movies of 2014,

  • Pratt suddenly found himself on every studio’s wishlist - complete with offers to become

  • a Ghostbuster and the new Indiana Jones, again for Spielberg! Pratt says he’s not interested

  • in any of those high profile roles, as his franchise itch is scratched with Guardians

  • and Jurassic World. But with only one hit under his belt, all eyes will be on Jurassic

  • World to see if he’s indeed a box office draw. And to be fair, all signs do seem to

  • point to yes, as Jurassic World is expected to open with around one hundred million. But

  • Jurassic World has some impressive star-power behind the camera as well, with Rise and Dawn

  • of the Planet of the Apes screenwriters Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver on script duty - although

  • director Colin Trevorrow has apparently done a major re-write on their original script.

  • In fact, he feels he changed the script so much he was upset when the Writers Guild ruled

  • that Jaffa and Silver should still be credited. Trevorrow does have a lot riding on Jurassic

  • World, as he’s the latest indie director to try and make the jump to blockbuster filmmaking

  • as the demand for fresh, innovative talent is so high right now. Trevorrow has already

  • said he won’t return for a fifth Jurassic film, yet maybe he’s just angling for more

  • cash just like Joss Whedon initially said he wouldn’t return for Avengers 2... Speaking

  • of not returning, despite being open to the idea none of the original cast members are

  • returning for this fourth entry save BD Wong - and of course, tragically, Richard Attenborough

  • could not return because he passed away last year. But the velociraptors are back! As well

  • as the T-Rex! And there’s a brand new dinosaur, Indominus Rex, a hybrid created by the Masrani

  • Corporation to boost attendance at the now operating theme park. So, the big star here

  • is a fictional dinosaur? And there are no feathered dinosaurs in the movie? Hollywood,

  • you are KILLING natural history museums...

As Hollywood goes franchise crazy, can an oldy but a goody get in on that action?

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