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In Wolf, your scene is the best scene in the entire film. Could we just do a little... mmmmm?
It's something I do from time to time to relax myself before a scene or get my voice lower
or do it to whatever the rhythm of the character is in the scene. And I was doing it before
takes, and the Leonardo has the idea of saying, "Why don't you put that into the scene?"
So I did.
Incredible, and what did Martin think?
He loved it. Martin is very musical, you know, and after that take, the last few takes, he
and I didn't even really speak that much English. He was just doing sounds, and he loved the
non-verbal things that I was doing.
Yeah, that just came out.
But he's very musical, and that's where he and I... that's where our communication works.
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Matthew McConaughey on his chest beating in The Wolf of Wall Street

507 Folder Collection
Fai Yiu Wo published on June 14, 2015
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