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(soft banjo music)
(explosion) (honky-tonk music)
- I think they're going to use a New York accent the most.
- Southern. - Some Southern.
- Classic southern California valley girl.
- Maybe a New Yorker.
- Last time I went out with Brad,
he spilled Faygo and Better Made chips
all over me at the Tiger's game.
- He was trying to do Midwest,
but that's totally valley girl.
- That's how people talk in Michigan.
I'm from Michigan.
- You can do a Midwestern,
you got to say mom, dad, and pop.
- We're going to the Tiger's game.
- Minnesota, you know all those people up there--
- Midwest, pretty good.
- That's good, Santiago's good.
- Why are they all doing the Midwest accent?
- Santiago thinks we're Canadian,
And I'm not okay with it.
- Where would they hear that?
- Oh Sarah Palin.
- Oh Sarah Palin. - Yeah.
- I'm from America, and I say words like aluminum,
and spell color without the u.
- Did he say Americorps?
- Isn't that a non-profit organization?
- Where it's like aluminum?
- Yeah, they say aluminium.
- Crazy.
- I would like a Duncan donut.
- "I would like a Duncan donut."
It sounded like Irish.
- The sentences they're using, - They think (spoken over).
- They're all about food.
- But I've said that to my mom, (laughter)
multiple times, throughout my life.
- You know he looked at me and said,
"You (beep) my wife."
- [Voiceover] He's good.
- Okay, he's pretty good.
- You could tell which TV shows
get syndicated abroad.
- The Godfather.
- These must come from the Sopranos.
- Every mafia movie ever.
- Why can't you be like, "I want a pizza, go Knicks!"
- So I say to myself, "Jump on the horse, cowboy,
"and do your best."
- No, this is the funniest one.
- That is like a New Orleans kind of accent,
"Cowboy, jump on that horse"
- Your eyebrows are like, um, sleek.
- They get points, in my book,
if they know these fawn-dah words.
- People always touch their hair,
when they do California accent.
I think that's part of doing the accent, they're like,
"Oh my God."
Well I do touch my hair a lot though. (laughter)
- Those small things, in our lives that keep us rolling,
that keep us going.
- How do they know how to do a Southern accent?
- I love the things they say.
- Yeah, Jack, you should go into voice acting.
- That's deep-cut and that's what we were looking for.
- I'm impressed overall.
- They see America a little bit more accurately than I thought.
- They're hearing like Seinfeld, and Friends.
- It just makes me happy to see,
what other people think of us.
- Why can't we be like, "Hey ma'am,
"I'd like to help you cross the street."
- I think that they're a 100% better
at doing American accents than we are,
at doing foreign accents.
- I'll call my brother in Sao Paulo, we grew up together.
- It's summertime in this city,
and where are these summer girls in their outfits?
- I'm a put some shrimp on the barbie,
crikey it bit me finger.
(whoosh and squeak)
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Americans React to People Trying American Accents

19214 Folder Collection
少少 published on July 11, 2015    James translated    gahui yu reviewed
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