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  • There's a fascinating new book by Diana Slattery called

  • Xenolinguistics-- Psychedelics and the Evolution of Language,

  • which builds on McKenna's notions

  • that the world is made of language.

  • And if you know the words the world is made of,

  • you can make of it whatever you wish,

  • kind of like Neo in The Matrix when he sees the code.

  • And so what does this mean, this notion that reality

  • is made of language?

  • Is it mere metaphor, is it mere poetry?

  • McKenna and Diana Slattery say that actually the metaphor

  • is literalized, when you actually

  • look at the big picture.

  • Even biology is made of language.

  • Biology is code.

  • DNA is code.

  • It's software that writes its own hardware.

  • The words come before the matter emerges.

  • Just think about that, because it resonates

  • in all kinds of transcendental ways,

  • this notion that mind came before matter.

  • That mind didn't emerge from matter, but rather

  • that mind preceded matter.

  • It's a wild idea, but it does seem

  • to be that everything can be described in terms of words,

  • whether it's music, whether it's the atoms that

  • describe the laws of physics.

  • It's all describeable.

  • It's all information.

  • It's a wild idea.

  • It's worth thinking about.


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