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-One word?
-I'll go with bigger.
You say?
How about sexier?
-We're the Avengers.
We can bust arms dealers all the live-long day,
but that up there, that's the end game.
How were you guys planning on beating that?
-I love that we get to know the Avengers a little bit better
in this movie.
What do we learn about them?
-Well, hopefully we get to learn a little bit more
about what makes them tick.
Some of them have their own movie franchises
and so I can't really change their lives that much,
but I can dig into them and sort of give them
a little insight into who they are
and give us a little insight.
And with the characters who don't have their own movie
franchises, I can really play around and really explore.
And that's why I came back in first place.
-Our family is finally functioning-- well, somewhat.
And so it's just about time that you kind of
get to see our characters' dark pasts,
or rather it's the right time for these pasts
to catch up with these characters.
And you learn a lot about our characters' weaknesses,
I think which is kind of a driving
force behind this final fight.
I think our characters facing their weaknesses
is really the truly heroic part of this film.
-You get to see the superheroes just being super human,
I think, for the first time.
-Yeah, for sure.
-You coined that, didn't you?
-Super humans being-- you see how I did that?
I like that.
-Put those two words.
-A word play there.
-The character relationships do deepen.
And there are new goodies and there's new great baddies.
And everything that was good about the first "Avengers"
is exponentially, I think, bigger and broader in scope
and probably maybe more interesting in this one.
There's a lot more going on.
But speaking to the character stuff,
there's a lot of new relationships deepening
and also splintering.
-Somebody says in the movie about your characters,
he's fast and she's weird.
What are your superpowers and how do you use them?
-What are our superpowers in this?
-As opposed to our everyday lives.
-Well, I have telekinesis and mind control.
And I can manipulate objects with my mind.
-And Quicksilver has supersonic speed so he runs faster
than the speed of sound.
-Who is this Vision guy?
-Well, he's purple.
He can change his density.
And he is supremely powerful and omnipotent, and yet incredibly
naive because he's about a day old.
So it was a lot of fun playing him.
And he's figuring out who he is and what his purpose is
in the world, and what his powers are
and what he's going to do with them.
So that was fun.
-There are no strings on me.
-This Ultron guy is a sweet, you know,
well-meaning, insane robot, and I love him very much.
He'll probably kill everybody but, I don't know,
when he talks about the Avengers and what's wrong with them,
I'm kind of on his side.
-Hey big guy.
-One of my favorite parts in the movie
was actually the relationship between both
of your characters.
What is happening there?
What do we get to see with Black Widow and the Hulk?
-Not much, unfortunately.
Not enough.
-You don't get to see really anything.
-Not as much as you'd want to see really.
There was just so bad timing.
-You'd almost want to see a whole other movie
with just those two characters.
Hint hint.
-Hint hint, Marvel.
No, it's not happening this time around.
-I guess not.
-But maybe we're laying the groundwork for something
later on.
-For our friendship maybe.
-Friendship plus.
-The Avengers are pretty chaotic in this movie,
probably because everybody wants to get a say.
Who would you vote as their class-representative?
-Well, let's see.
Tony's the class clown.
Steve's the class president.
Thor's most likely to succeed the throne.
I think they're all extremely noble and extremely damaged,
and that's what I like.
-If you would have one word to describe the new movie,
which one would you choose?
-Oh, man.
-The new movie?
-One word?
-I'll go with bigger.
You say?
How about sexier?
-Bigger and sexier.
-That's a good choice.
Thank you.
-I went for it.
I went for it.
-Thank you for the interview.
-You got it.
-It was great to talk to you.
-Thank you.
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Avengers: Age of Ultron | Interview Special with Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo

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chihci published on June 7, 2015
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