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Myth: Sex hinders athletic performance due to the release of testosterone.
Fact: Sex causes the body to produce more testosterone
If anything, it should improve your performance.
Myth: Penis size varies according to race.
Fact: Nope. Penis sizes absolutely nothing to do with race. Racist.
Myth: Women can't get pregnant if they've never had a period.
Fact: Women's bodies release eggs 12 to 16 days before their first period.
Myth: Penis size is everything.
Fact: Most of the sensitive vaginal nerves are located by the vaginal opening
which means any size can be pleasurable. Sexual satisfaction is more influenced
by psychological connection & intercourse technique.
Myth: You can judge a guys penis size by looking at his hands
or feet.
Fact: There's only one way to accurately measure a penis
by measuring the penis.
Myth: Aphrodisiacs enhance your libido.
Fact: They don't do anything. It's just a placebo effect.
Myth: A women's first time is painful because her hymen breaks.
Fact: Over the years the hymen breaks down from different activities
like walking, athletics or self-exploration.
Pain is more psychological. Tension and anxiety make lubrication difficult.
Myth: Using two condoms further reduces the risk of pregnancy.
Fact: Wearing two condoms can create friction and cause them to break.
One is as effective as it's going to get.
Myth: You can't get pregnant if you have sex during your period.
Fact: Sperm can live in your body for up to five days
ovulating within those days can still get you pregnant. Oh,oh God!
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Myths About Sex Debunked

4518 Folder Collection
Derrick Chen published on June 5, 2015    Derrick Chen translated    王妍心 reviewed
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