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  • Curtis: The clean and jerk is obviously a more complex movement. WeÕre not going to

  • be focusing on instruction. WeÕre going to focusing on what you canÕt do.

  • What constitutes a proper clean is weÕre going to get into full extension and get the

  • bar onto the chest in one motion. Okay? We can do it either power style like this or

  • we can do squat style. If youÕre squatting into your clean, we cannot have the elbows

  • touch the knees. What we donÕt want to see is at the bottom of the squat position, elbows

  • touching the knees. That would constitute no rep. Okay?

  • The other thing that would be faulty clean would be if we get the bar half way up our

  • chest and fix it after we stand up. That would obviously be not a rep. Needs to be one movement

  • all the way up to your standing position. After that, weÕre going to focus on the jerk.

  • The jerk can be done in one of two styles. WeÕre going to be either going for the Push

  • Jerk which is feet staying even. What weÕre looking for here is a full lockout in one

  • motion. A press-out will not count as a rep. Can you show us a press-out? Okay. A Press-

  • out will not count for a rep. ThatÕs the Push Jerk. The other style of jerk that is

  • acceptable would be a Split Jerk. Again, with the Split Jerk, what weÕre looking for here

  • is to make sure we can recover with our feet together and making sure the elbows go all

  • the way straight in one motion. That would constitute a Split Jerk. Both of those are

  • permissible as long as there isnÕt a press-out. Okay.

Curtis: The clean and jerk is obviously a more complex movement. WeÕre not going to

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