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  • Hey, what's up GG (guys and girls)? CouilleBleu's back today to show you how to play...

  • Here are the runes, masteries, skill distribution and items that you'll need to smack your opponents in the face with your wrecking balls.

  • Thanks to the attack damage boost from your runes and masteries, you will never miss a single creep kill ever again with your Mini Rasengan.

  • Also, with AD Female Naruto, those mini ball attacks will be your main source of damage to harass all these pretty boys like a snob girlfriend.

  • If you want to add a little spice to your relationship, you can send a Mega Kiss right on his ass to seduce him, throw some little balls here and there

  • and shoot your Boomerang Balloon to empty his health bar a little bit more.

  • What's more? It's even easier to play that harass game with someone like Snorlax because he has to get close to the midgets if he wants to steal some pocket money.

  • When you're done playing with your toy, it's time to destroy it by using your Sexy Kiss to drag that sexual deviant closer to you,

  • set him on fire with your Ignite and throw some marbles at him before using your Master Ball to capture your first Pokemon.

  • After wrecking your lane like Miley Cyrus, you have to help your teammates by roaming everywhere.

  • When you spot your target, you will only need your Mega Kiss and your Auto-Attacks to kill him,

  • but you can still use your other skills to inflict peanut damage even if it's unnecessary.

  • Do you see Sweetie Belle's butt buddy trying to counter jungle your best friend? Well he can try to gallop as fast as Sonic,

  • but he will never outrun a hacker that has three flash packed in her ultimate.

  • If you want, you can switch roles with your jungler by being the one to perform the ninja gank to mindfuck that chibi baller

  • because no one, that's right, no one will be able to run away to safety thanks to your Triple Dash.

  • So, in conclusion, you can literally buttfuck a slow-ass champion like Thresh for a while before sending him to the graveyard with a mini ball in his balls, no problem!

  • Since you'll be out of your lane often, that bastard will try to take down your tower,

  • but don't worry about it and use a Mario Kart Double Dash Mushroom Speed Boost efficiently to chase that motherbitch,

  • suck that pervert old man's banana with a Heart Shot to disable him for a bit and toss some balls on his face to steal his pocket change.

  • Late game, as AD Ahri, your Boomerang Balloon and your Mini Fire will be so useless that you won't be able to kill a single minion even if you combine them into a combo.

  • However, your Mega Kiss will still be useful to pick up some easy kills, your Triple Dash will allow you to run away like a pussy and to smash your head into the wall when you're...

  • And, thanks to all these beautiful swords, your Mini Rasengan will be so powerful that you will finally be able to destroy turrets here and there by yourself,

  • you will have the most powerful life steal tool in your pocket and no one will be able to stop your (BITCH PLEASE).

  • If your partner is getting gangbang in the back alley by a bunch of strangers, you shouldn't hesitate to jump in the fray with a dash, Charm that little kid to be able to land some free hits on him,

  • attack Jax's aggressors to slow them with your red buff while running further away from them with your last dash, continue to drop their health with your Mini Rasengan

  • until Majin Buu comes to your rescue and turn the tables around with a Mega Kiss to have a fearsome foursome with the blind fuckabish.

  • If the other team tries to ambush you in the dark, you don't need to fret about it because your Triple Mushroom Speed Boost will be more than enough to escape from that army.

  • But, if you encounter some persistent greedy individuals, you have to teach them a lesson by attacking them until they abandon the hunt.

  • After that, seduce that Shitty Rat like a slut even if he's ugly to send him back to the sewer and show little Thresh how a team should sandwich an unlucky peasant.

  • That's it for today, people!

  • Don't forget to check out my channel for more boring League of Legends videos.

  • Feel free to leave a comment in any language you want, but I'll only answer those in English and in French because I'm a racist fuckabish.

  • Ciaossu!

Hey, what's up GG (guys and girls)? CouilleBleu's back today to show you how to play...

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