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  • Hi everyone. So today we're taking a quick look at some of the features of

  • Android M.

  • First off is doze mode.

  • Now doze mode effectively is going to

  • help save your battery life. Now Google are claiming up to a four times improvement

  • in battery life by using this technique. Now what this basically means is

  • the apps that you currently have on your Android device tend to

  • have the ability to do things in the background including updating themselves.

  • Now that's good for a certain group of users if you need

  • your data to be fresh on your device every time you pick it up. But for those people who are

  • looking to

  • extend the battery life of your smartphone that can be a bit of a

  • problem. Now the idea behind doze mode

  • is it will selectively put apps to sleep and

  • by putting them to sleep it will actually put them to sleep. They will

  • only wake

  • up if they have to receive a high-priority message which you yourself

  • are able to

  • obviously toggle on or off as you need to. Now you can set doze mode on an

  • app by app basis which is very, very useful. I think this is probably going to be the

  • big change really in Android and that the majority of users are

  • going to notice. Purely because everybody notices battery life.

  • If Google as claimed are able to increase standby time by up to four times

  • the current benchmarks then that is a major benefit all round for everybody.

Hi everyone. So today we're taking a quick look at some of the features of

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