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I think this is interesting. They did a survey which is 3 out of 4 children rather spend time with their mom than their dad.
Which maybe if... you know, dad would try to breast feed us those every once in a while,
things will be different. But it isn't.
The Americans spend 21 billion dollars on Mother's Day gifts.
And only 12.5 billion dollars on Father's Day gifts.
That means fathers make only 66% on what mothers make.
For the same amount of work.
Well...maybe not exactly the same amount of work.
But...I am always suspicious of polls like this, so I decided to do on our own today.
When I was on the street, and we asked kids who were there with their parents, we asked them in front of their parents.
Which of them they love more?
And here's what they said.
What's your name? Evan.
Let me ask you, Evan. Who do you love more? Your mom or your dad.
My mom.
Why do you love mom more?
Because it's nice so I think.
Why can't you stand your father?
I don't know. Sometimes he's rude I guess.
What's your name?
Mathew, who do you love more? your mommy or your daddy?
My mommy.
Let me ask you, who do you love more? your mom or your dad?
Yeah, but you only have one life preserve to throw them.
Who's gonna get it?
Can I ask you a question?
Who do you love more? your mommy or your daddy?
Who do you love more? your mommy or your daddy?
Why does he hate you?
I don't know, he does it. He just loves her more. Loves her more.
Is that true?
Let me ask you this, would you trade your dad for spider man?
Who do you love more? your dad or your mom?
Okay, If zombie's gonna come and eat one of your parents, which parent do you want the zombie to eat? Dad or mom?
Who do you love more? your mom or your dad?
My dad.
Who do you love more? your mom or your dad?
Imagine a piano was gonna fall on one of them, which one do you want the piano to fall on?
You gotta pick one.
Why would you want a piano to fall on dad?
Sorry dad, you guys better back away.
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Kimmel Asks Kids "Who Do You Love More... Mom or Dad?"

64953 Folder Collection
許允迪 published on May 13, 2017    許允迪 translated    王妍心 reviewed
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