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Hey Guys, I'm going to show you how to make simple sugar syrup. Simple syrup as the name
suggests is incredibly simple to make. But, it's one of the corner stones of making good
cocktails. So it's a question of combining two ingredients, sugar and water, together in equal parts, by weight.
So we're going to add fifty grams of caster sugar, with fifty
milliliters of warm water. You can stir this with a spoon if you like, but we're gonna
add a lid to that and shake it up. Having sugar as a liquid ingredient is really useful.
It makes your cocktail making much much simpler. It balances perfectly with citrus one to one.
So what you're doing is your dissolving the sugar in the water. It's the drinks equivalent
of a chef having stock on hand. So that's it. It's really simple, you can make it by the batch,
just make sure you keep it in equal parts, sugar and water, keep it sealed in
the fridge and it will last for weeks. You can even add flavours to your simple syrup
you can add spices, star anise, little bit of cinnamon, even some fresh fruit. So that's how you make simple syrup. For more tips, click on the link.
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How to make Simple Sugar Syrup | One Minute Tips | Rich Hunt

17877 Folder Collection
許允迪 published on June 19, 2015    許允迪 translated    Derrick Chen reviewed
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