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  • Hi everyone, welcome to my channel, I'm Nick Shepherd. This video is about 'much'. 'Much'

  • always likes to have a friend; so you can have 'very much' or 'so much' or 'too much'

  • or 'not much' or a question like 'how much?'. Hope you enjoy it!

  • So, here's the first picture, there's a guy giving a present to another guy and the second

  • man is saying "thank you" (I'll just key in 'thank you' there) and oops! We've got a 'much'

  • but we can't have 'much' by itself, it has to have a friend so we'll go to the closet,

  • find a friend and put him in, there he goes: "thank you very much". That's better.

  • Right, now here's the second picture. Aww, and I'll just type in what he's thinking 'I

  • like her', 'I like her' oops, and there's another 'much'. And we can't have 'much' by

  • itself, let's go and find a friend in the closet. Here's we've go 'so' and the sentence

  • reads 'I like her so much'.

  • Moving on, he's a guy who has just finished a very big lunch and I'll just type in there

  • 'he ate' oops, we've got 'much' again. Yes, he certainly did but we need another word,

  • 'much' needs a friend and we'll get 'too' out of the box, here he comes he ate too much'.

  • Here's a slightly different one. This guy is asking a question and I'll just key in

  • most of the question '...much is it?' and of course the question word is missing which

  • is 'how'. I'll go to the box and get it out 'how much is it?'. So as long as you've got

  • a question word or anyway a question you can use 'much'. You could also say, erm, 'how

  • much does it cost?' or you could say 'does it cost much?' or you can say 'do you come

  • here much?' or you could say 'does he talk much?', lots of possible questions.

  • Now here's the last picture of a young man, who doesn't look very happy, standing near

  • a swimming pool. I'll type in the first part of the sentence 'I do like swimming', uuum,

  • not sure I don't think and oh! Here comes the 'much' again, that's popped up. And we

  • need another word in there to fill in the gap 1you can guess which one it is, I'll go to the closet

  • and get it out it is 'not'. 'I do not' or 'I don't like swimming very much'.

  • And here's a summary, what we can call 'much & friends'. Here are the friends, could be

  • just a question like 'how?' or any other question, yes/no question, could be a negative with

  • 'not' orcould be with 'too', 'so' or 'very'. I'll just type that little rule above and here it is

  • 'much always has a friend: very, so, too, a question or not'. Alright, that's all, hope

  • you found it useful! Bye for now!

Hi everyone, welcome to my channel, I'm Nick Shepherd. This video is about 'much'. 'Much'

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