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Albert Baby Cat, good choice!
Albert Baby Cat in a running way to go, little one. Let's take a look at how we got here.
Albert Baby Cat is a munchkin cat.
He's definitely smaller than an average kitty.
but its this baby baby look that might make in the cat's meow online.
Albert's Baby Cat small size
doesn't mean he's any less playful.
Albert's favorite toys are one center filled with catnip,
especially the little fish that he likes to keep in his cat bed.
He also allows to play in his cat tunnel.
Albert's frisky nature in unique look attract attention wherever he goes.
I went to a Feline Film Festival and he was getting so much attention.
Everybody was "Oh my gosh, we're gonna cast that! Can I take a picture?"
I was like why not make him famous?
At the same festival, Albert Baby Cat had a brush with fame.
Cat celebrity little Bob made an appearance
and created Albert personally.
This meeting also inspire Christine to launch Albert's career on social media.
That's when we started taking photoes.
The highly stylized pictures on Albert baby cat's profiles require a serious investment of time.
Taking a photo with all maybe takes about thirty minutes
but all the work behind that researching,
you know, outfits and thinking of new ideas.
The whole process takes like four hours.
But building Albert online presence has been time well spent.
It's really rewarding
to share Albert with the rest of the world and have
everybody kind of near back.
Well, we feel about Albert... he is just like our baby.
Albert Baby Cat reminds us that the biggest love
can sometimes come on the little response.
You make this feel really happy and connected.
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Albert Baby Cat's Unique Look and Frisky 'Tude Is Taking Him Places

11829 Folder Collection
王妍心 published on June 7, 2015    王妍心 translated    Derrick Chen reviewed
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