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  • Where am I? Oh, no building 45 at Googleplex

  • How did I get here? Gosh, you tell me

  • You just came here and started speaking. And what am I doing again?

  • Good gravy. Presenting Google Play services 7.3

  • Get to work! That's right!

  • Welcome to release 7.3 of Google Play Services

  • and as usual we packed it with lots of new features

  • that will allow you to build better apps because thats what this is all about

  • and big announcement for wear

  • is that you can now connect multiple wearable to your phone

  • Let's check that out. I can't decide which wearable I'm gonna wear today

  • I kind of like that back one. But that one is better if I'm going jogging.

  • Heck, I can't decide. They are all so nice

  • (INAUDIBLE) since I have Google Play services 7.3 installed

  • I can wear them all at the same time

  • So this capability allows you to create a network of wearable note

  • all connected to a single phone and since there can be more than to note

  • We are introducing the Channel API in the way we date the API which allows you to send large files

  • or even stream data between two individual note

  • but how would you know which note you should communicate with

  • For example if you want to download something. That's the job of the new capability API

  • which allows your app to locate note supporting a given capability over to the many new things in Google fit

  • Many things in life are not based on a daily cycle

  • For example the work week

  • the tax year or a new year

  • Fitness however is all about today like how many steps have you taken today

  • how many calories have you put in your body today

  • how many push-ups have you done today

  • So to make these today things easier

  • The history API now provides this method "readDailyTotal"

  • which aggregates data for a given data types from midnight to the current time of day

  • So you just put in the datatype there

  • and then it returns to daily total. For example how many steps have I taken today

  • and since everyone's always talking about how many steps everyone's taken every day

  • The type step count Delta datatype can now be queried by all apps

  • on all devices without requiring any of indication

  • but fitness is not only about activity. It is also about what you put into the body

  • So therefore "Nutrition Data Types" have been added

  • enabling you to record things like protein, fat,

  • cholesterol, sodium, you name it.

  • Turning to location where you now specify a maximum wait time for location updates which enables the system to batch location updates together to reduce battery consumption

  • and remember the location settings dialog we introduced in the last release

  • Well, in addition to location updates, it is now also possible to get notified when location setting things are changing by getting location availability updates.

  • This release also has enhancedment to the common package where Google API Client now allows June to add optional API through the add API if available.

  • So if you previously had to have multiple connections flow for the phone and a wearable for example

  • you can now use the feature to simplify shortcode

  • and that's it for this time

  • but check out these resources to get the details and remember Google Play services enables you to build better apps

  • and now it's your turn to go out there and create these great apps.

  • and don't forget to tell us all about

  • Oh~~yeah~~

Where am I? Oh, no building 45 at Googleplex

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DevBytes: Google Play Services 7.3

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