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Where am I? Oh, no building 45 at Googleplex
How did I get here? Gosh, you tell me
You just came here and started speaking. And what am I doing again?
Good gravy. Presenting Google Play services 7.3
Get to work! That's right!
Welcome to release 7.3 of Google Play Services
and as usual we packed it with lots of new features
that will allow you to build better apps because thats what this is all about
and big announcement for wear
is that you can now connect multiple wearable to your phone
Let's check that out. I can't decide which wearable I'm gonna wear today
I kind of like that back one. But that one is better if I'm going jogging.
Heck, I can't decide. They are all so nice
(INAUDIBLE) since I have Google Play services 7.3 installed
I can wear them all at the same time
So this capability allows you to create a network of wearable note
all connected to a single phone and since there can be more than to note
We are introducing the Channel API in the way we date the API which allows you to send large files
or even stream data between two individual note
but how would you know which note you should communicate with
For example if you want to download something. That's the job of the new capability API
which allows your app to locate note supporting a given capability over to the many new things in Google fit
Many things in life are not based on a daily cycle
For example the work week
the tax year or a new year
Fitness however is all about today like how many steps have you taken today
how many calories have you put in your body today
how many push-ups have you done today
So to make these today things easier
The history API now provides this method "readDailyTotal"
which aggregates data for a given data types from midnight to the current time of day
So you just put in the datatype there
and then it returns to daily total. For example how many steps have I taken today
and since everyone's always talking about how many steps everyone's taken every day
The type step count Delta datatype can now be queried by all apps
on all devices without requiring any of indication
but fitness is not only about activity. It is also about what you put into the body
So therefore "Nutrition Data Types" have been added
enabling you to record things like protein, fat,
cholesterol, sodium, you name it.
Turning to location where you now specify a maximum wait time for location updates which enables the system to batch location updates together to reduce battery consumption
and remember the location settings dialog we introduced in the last release
Well, in addition to location updates, it is now also possible to get notified when location setting things are changing by getting location availability updates.
This release also has enhancedment to the common package where Google API Client now allows June to add optional API through the add API if available.
So if you previously had to have multiple connections flow for the phone and a wearable for example
you can now use the feature to simplify shortcode
and that's it for this time
but check out these resources to get the details and remember Google Play services enables you to build better apps
and now it's your turn to go out there and create these great apps.
and don't forget to tell us all about
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DevBytes: Google Play Services 7.3

1614 Folder Collection
Derek published on May 24, 2015    Derek translated    Lily Chou reviewed
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