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  • 25.000

  • There's something down here.

  • VAN HELSING: And it's carnivorous.

  • VAN HELSING: Whatever it is, it appears to be human.

  • I'd say he's a size 17. Around 360 pounds.

  • 8.5 to 9 feet tall.

  • He has a bad gimp in his right leg and three copper teeth.

  • How do you know he has copper teeth?

  • Because he's standing right behind you. Move!

  • Oh, my God! The Frankenstein monster!

  • Monster? Who's the monster here?

  • I have done nothing wrong...

  • and yet you and your kind all wish me dead!

  • What do you want?

  • To exist.

  • Don't!

  • - We must kill it. - Wait.

  • If you value your lives and the lives of your kind...

  • - You will kill me. - No.

  • If Dracula finds me...

  • I am the key to my father's machine.

  • The key to life.

  • Life for Dracula's children.

  • He already awakened them last night.


  • And those were from only one bride.

  • From one single birthing.

  • And they died as they did the last time he tried.

  • Only with me can he give them lasting life.

  • There are more? More of those things?

  • Thousands.

  • Thousands more.


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Van Helsing (5/10) Movie CLIP - He's Alive! (2004) HD

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