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First of all, be true to yourself.
Well, you have to understand that, they say a jury convicts you or exonerates you within the first 30 seconds of seeing you.
All they do after that is to listen to the things after that to proof what they're already thinking about you.
We're in an age now where we no longer shake hands!
People are looking at you through your avatar and how you presenting yourself.
But you have to be yourself!
See, when you're pitching us on Shark Tank and you tell about all this leverage stuff that you have,
and why your suit is unfit...and this and that. I know you don't have that.
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You know what, if you come to my house, be a construction worker, don't show up in a three-peice suit.
I want to see you in something greasy and I want you to roll up in a piece of junk car.
Because I want to feel like you're a worker.
It does not mean that the style has to be elegant, right?
If you're about grunge, you're about grunge.
Mark Cuban walks around, you know with a T-shirt on.
But you know what, if you're a tech-person, you probably are in a room coding for a long period of time.
You're propably not wearing the three-piece suit.
So when I tell people about style, it's personal style and it has to be true to who you are.
Other than that, people will see right through you.
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'Shark Tank' investor Daymond John on how to dress for success

13913 Folder Collection
VoiceTube published on May 17, 2015    Amy.Lin translated    Blair reviewed
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