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  • Hey Jon, what time is it?

  • It’s...

  • 4:25.

  • What??

  • Oh no!

  • I am in big trouble.

  • What’s wrong?

  • I was supposed to meet my parents

  • at the main station at 4:00.

  • We are taking the train

  • to see my grandparents tonight.

  • Sure enough.

  • I have twelve messages from my mom.

  • Oh no!

  • I can’t believe I did this again.

  • Everytime I study, I lose track of time.

  • Well Chad,

  • can I do anything to help you?

  • I feel a little responsible

  • because I asked you to come help me

  • with my math homework this afternoon.

  • Can I give you a ride

  • to the train station on my scooter?

  • Jon, it’s not your fault,

  • but the ride to the station would be very helpful.

  • By the time we get to the main station,

  • my parents are going to be so mad.

  • Well...Don’t worry.

  • When we get there,

  • I will tell your parents

  • it’s my fault for keeping you so late.

  • Maybe your parents will give you a break

  • since you were helping a good friend.

  • Well see.

  • I will definitely feel more confident

  • with you standing there next to me.

  • Well, no trouble at all.

  • Anything to support my friend.

  • REAL FRIENDS support one another.

Hey Jon, what time is it?

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