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  • Here on HAMSTER THURSDAY, weve covered Hamster-raising simulations. Five ofem,

  • to be exact. We covered... whatever the hell that Hamtaro thing was. And now, thanks as

  • always to Felicity in Worcestershire, She of the Massive Box of Japanese Hamster Games,

  • we have... A FALLING-BLOCK PUZZLE GAME. With hamsters. Because why the hell not. Here’s

  • Hamster Club: Awasete Chu, which features numbers, hamsters, and if you don’t use

  • your screen-altering bombs, a jaded ex-girlfriend who pelts you with sunflower seeds. Which,

  • y’know, should be a good thing, if youre a hamster. Unfortunately, in the rubric of

  • falling-block puzzle games, they just get in the way, like the clear puyos or those

  • timer blocks in Puzzle Fighter.

  • Um... so, yeah. Blocks fall, people die (if they get all the way up to that input shaft

  • right there.) The blocks, numbered 1 through (2+x), where x is the numerical value of the

  • difficulty setting, come down and you have to connect at least three ofem to clear

  • em off. Also included in the mix areCharacter Blocks,” representing the particular hamster

  • youve taken as a mascot for that round. Clearing a combination of these yields a “Bomb,”

  • which collects in the corner of that character portrait right there. So long as youre

  • spending them - which turns a chunk of the collected pile into one color - youre in

  • good shape. Get too miserly with them, though, and Josephine the troublemaker shows up and

  • makes it rain. Sunflower seeds. Which is unfortunate, because sunflower seeds are totally Derek’s

  • thing. (I’m a cashew man, myself.)

  • And that’s pretty much the size of it. There’s one game mode, and a two-player version if

  • you happen to find someone else in this hemisphere with a copy of Hamster Club and a Game Boy

  • Color and a link cable. Frankly, I’m not holding my breath. This, right here, is the

  • reason DS Download Play is so wonderful: So you can spread the hamster-tinged absurdity

  • among your friends with abandon. In lieu of that... well, it’s a functional puzzler,

  • even if the controls through the Game Boy Player can be a little wonky. There are even

  • tricks like knocking the first block off of a particular piece, then moving the rest as

  • it continues to fall. Clever, but there’s some tricky timing involved. (As well as a

  • couple pleas to the deity of your choice that you can still rotate it after that.) But it’s

  • all in the name of... hamsters. Well, maybe not. There’s just a patina of hamsters overtop

  • of what would otherwise be a one-dollar indie game, or less. Low-rent though it may be,

  • there’s still a decent game underneath all the sunflower seed shells (again, a situation

  • I run into with Derek all too often), and once the speed starts ramping up (as it has

  • a habit of doing at certain intervals, just to put the pressure on), it’s an all-out

  • frenzy to stay alive... and not be subjected to the game-over screen of a hamster chewing

  • on himself. Eew.

Here on HAMSTER THURSDAY, weve covered Hamster-raising simulations. Five ofem,

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CGR Undertow - HAMSTER CLUB: AWASETE CHU review for Game Boy Color

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    阿多賓 posted on 2013/04/14
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