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  • [soldier] Go!

  • - Is there another way out of here?. - They"ll have every exit covered.

  • Fall in, ladies!

  • Give me three minutes and meet me downstairs.

  • - Why should we trust you?. - Maybe you shouldn"t.

  • - Check him. - Yes, sir.

  • - Hey! - Head back.

  • He doesn"t have any retinas, you morons.

  • Sorry about that, Charlie.

  • - We"re not open for breakfast. - lt"s legal. We have a warrant.

  • It"s a little sticky.

  • What exactly are you looking for?.

  • - This is a murder investigation. - lt"s a Congressional matter.

  • I can assure you, citizen, that if we discover that you"re involved,

  • the consequences would be abrupt and severe.

  • - Who are they?. - I picked them up on the boulevard.

  • I like a good menage every now and then.

  • Go out through the back.

  • Scan "em.

  • This is ridiculous.

  • Malfunction,

  • malfunction, malfunction, malfunction.

  • Sir, the scanner"s broken, sir.

  • [tuts]

  • Idiot.

  • You"re wasting my time. Get out.

  • How long is this gonna take?.

  • As long as it takes, citizen, as long as it takes.

[soldier] Go!

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Barb Wire (6/10) Movie CLIP - Trashing the Bar (1996) HD

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