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Let's face it.
Condoms are a bit of downer.
So how do we convince guys to put it on?
And make Durex the favorite choice.
When you're a 21-year-old stud, what might be the best reason to put it on?
I'm pregnant.
To be honest, guys don't really care that much about sexually transmitted diseases.
But babies, they just won't disappear with a visit to the doctor.
So, we thought let's simulate the experience of having a newborn.
And give you a taste of what it really feels like.
We created a mobile application where you can knock-up a friend's phone.
Download and install the application.
Find a phone to mate and gently rub the two phones against each other.
And there you go.
The baby will require your utmost attention.
Feed it, tickling, wobble, bobble or huggle it.
Use every trick in the book to make it stop crying.
Every time you close the application, you will be reminded use Durex.
With Facebook connect, the world will know you've become a dad.
Invitation for baby events will start popping up on your profile.
On Durex condom packages we place QR task that link to a Durex baby-anti knock-up application.
Download it, and you'll baby free.
At least until the real magic happens.
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Durex Baby iPhone App

18534 Folder Collection
廖詩愉 published on May 13, 2015    廖詩愉 translated    Blair reviewed
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