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  • Oral Reading Fluency

  • Practice Text 14: Change

  • I think we can all agree

  • that the world is always changing.

  • The question is --

  • how well do we handle change?

  • That's what our reading is about.

  • When you face something,

  • you're looking at it.

  • "Facing" something can also mean

  • "accepting" or "dealing with" it.

  • When you expect something,

  • you believe it's going to happen

  • and wait for it.

  • Listen for these two verbs.

  • What kinds of changes

  • have been difficult for you to handle?

  • Changes in your country?

  • Changes in your school or work?

  • Or changes in yourself?

  • We all get tested by change.

Oral Reading Fluency

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Oral Reading Fluency 14 - "Change" - Improve your pronunciation and vocabulary through reading!

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    Sam posted on 2015/05/05
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