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In France, everyone wears stripes
a beret, a red scarf
and a « baguette »
France seen from abroad
In France, we all live in Paris, or on the French Riviera
No ma er where we live, everyone has a window opening on the Eiffel tower
Although we eat horse meat
and juicy smelly cheeses
our cooking is known as one of the best in the world
In France we are known to be elegant,
with world famous haute couture designers
even if the most famous frenchmen are...
Joan of Arc
General de Gaulle
Commandant Cousteau
or Marcel Marceau...
In France, we eat...
Foie gras
garlic and ognons
And we only drink red wine
or Champagne
In France we think fries comes from Belgium
In France we give « rendez-vous » in « cul de sac »
In France we like women
But not in business, nor in our parliament
" Haaa… here comes our female quota ! "
In France we say « Holala »
In France, we have a very special way of kissing
In France we listen to accordeon music on every circomstances...
In Paris we have « bateaux mouches »
France's most famous monument is a radio antenna
In France we have « Deja Vu »
France is the country of diplomacy and Foreign Affairs
"the African man has never really entered history"
In France women are gorgeous but do not shave
In France we do not wash
"why do you think we make perfumes for?"
In France we have rude taxis
In France we have rude waiters
France has sexy superheroes and advertising mascot
In France we used to cut heads off with a very speci?c contraption
In France we want impure blood to feed our soils
France's most popular sport is "pétanque"
"Ah, yes! Excellent move from Jean-Pierre, brilliant, adding another point to the blue team "
"Let's see the action again in slow motion."
There are many famous frenchmen, such as...
Picasso (who was spanish),
Salvador Dalí (spanish too),
Van Gogh (who was dutch),
Apollinaire, Fréderic Chopin or Marie Curie (who both were polish)
or Joséphine Baker (who was american)
France is the country of human rights
In France we are always on strike or on holidays
(Sorry, this Cliché is closed by strike)
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Cliché ! version française

1602 Folder Collection
施金蓮 published on May 5, 2015
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