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  • I was bullied a lot, and I never had much self-confidence. I never felt like I was a good enough person.

  • In life, I have low self-esteem. I don't really talk to people. I don't interact with people. In life, I'm what you would say an outsider.

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  • Through cosplay I could become these characters. I could live vicariously with how cool they were. It seems like a lot of people feel the need to become someone else, to strengthen themselves.

  • People are going to judge me. Probably think I'm a loser or something.

  • I've been to every flea market, every Goodwill, every craft shop, every fashion district, every corner of the internet to make this costume.

  • I feel fairly anxious because some times you're really not sure how it's gonna turn out until you all put it together.

  • And really part of what makes cosplay so beautiful is how people can interpret curves, and strange clothing pieces that wouldn't even exist in our world.

  • *electronic, dubstep beat plays*

  • As I walk down the halls of the convention center, I felt very nervous. People looked at me.

  • But they didn't look at me in a judgmental way

  • In the cosplay community there is just so much support and love and such abundance that it's really hard not to feel moved.

  • It's a community where they create a safe space for you to just be who you are.

  • Cosplay really can be for anybody. If you have passion and a will to bring something you love so dearly that there really is no excuse to not try it out.

  • You're there to just express what you love. What cosplay does is it gives you that confidence. And it makes it ok to like things that nobody else does.

  • Opens you up to friendships, to people who love the same stuff you love. And you don't have to be judged. And that's the greatest thing about cosplay.

  • This is why I cosplay.

  • *electronic, dubstep beat plays*

I was bullied a lot, and I never had much self-confidence. I never felt like I was a good enough person.

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Why I Cosplay

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    cathy~ posted on 2015/05/04
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