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  • Rogue: All right Heather. Something really quick with a deck of cards. I have here the

  • eight and the nine. Take the cards. And I want you to put them anywhere you want inside

  • the deck. Right there. Right there. Nice and fair. Buried inside the deck, correct?

  • Heather: Yup.

  • Rogue: All right. Please count to three for me.

  • [Both]: One, two, three.

  • Rogue: Just like that. Within the deck. The 8 and the 9.

  • Heather: That's awesome.

  • Rogue: Thank you.

  • Heather: [laughs]

  • Rogue: For this trick I'm going to need the nine of spades, eight of clubs, nine of clubs,

  • and the eight of spades. And the secret behind this trick is that you never really tell them

  • which nine and which eight it is, so it gets a little confusing for them at the end.

  • Basically what happens is you're going to put one of the eights on the top, and one

  • of the nine on the bottom, and you're going to have the other eight and the other nine

  • on top of the deck.

  • You're going to show them the eight and the nine but you don't tell them that it's the

  • club and the spades. You don't tell them that it's the eight of clubs and the nine of spades.

  • So you show them really quickly so they don't really know which one is which. They just

  • know it's the black eight and a black nine.

  • You have them put the cards anywhere in the center of the deck. So now the situation is

  • you have one of the different eights and one of the different nines on the top and bottom.

  • To do your reveal you're going to squeeze the deck in your right hand and on the count

  • of three you're going to, just keep squeezing, you're going to shoot one of the cards over.

  • Basically what happens is, as you keep squeezing, it shoots out. It looks like it comes from

  • the middle of the deck and that's basically a different and a different nine, but to them,

  • they think they're the same card because in the beginning you didn't really mention which

  • nine it was and which eight it was. And that's the explanation for the 'Eight and Nine' trick.

Rogue: All right Heather. Something really quick with a deck of cards. I have here the

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How to Do the 8 & 9 Card Trick | Magic Tricks

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