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Dear Thay, dear Sangha,
Today I received your transmission as OI member.
I'd like to ask you what is the most important thing
I can do to build Sangha.
The most important thing to do in order to build a Sangha
is to become
the first element of the Sangha.
A good, excellent element of the Sangha.
We know that a Sangha is made only of non-Sangha elements.
We should look around to identify the non-Sangha elements
and invite them over
in order to create a Sangha.
We ourselves, the Sangha builders,
should be the first element.
So the most important thing
is to breathe in mindfully,
to enjoy our in-breath,
to walk mindfully
and to try to do everything with love and compassion,
become fresh, loving.
That is the beginning of a good Sangha.
People look at you
and they like to join the practice.
Thank you.
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What is most important to build Sangha?

506 Folder Collection
Metta Hsu published on May 2, 2015
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