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  • Hi, welcome back to the Beauty Recommended channel, I'm Lily Pebbles and today I'm going

  • to be answering another one of Britain's Biggest Beauty Questions. After just coming out of

  • a massive party season, I'm not surprised that one of your biggest questions is how

  • to get an everyday easy eye look. Us British girls love an everyday easy makeup look, so

  • in today's video I'm going to be showing you how to do an every day kind of brown, easy

  • smokey eye, using just 4 products. I'm wearing the look today and it's super quick and easy

  • to do and I think it will suit almost everyone. I'm going to start by using a cream eyeshadow-

  • this one is by Max Factor and it's their Excess Shimmer in Bronze, I really like this because

  • it has a gorgeous moussey texture so I like to use a brush to apply this but you only

  • need one brush for this look. So take a blending brush and apply a very small amount of product

  • onto the lid, you don't need much because it's seriously pigmented. And once I've applied

  • the majority of product onto the lid I like to take the product off on the back of my

  • hand and use the same brush to blend out the edges, really giving it that seamless, easy

  • effect. This colour is gorgeous so I like to blend it all over the lid and use what's

  • left on the brush to take it under the eye as well. It's a really pretty bronze and this

  • has really good lasting power. It will last up to 12 hours. I'm then just going to balance

  • out the eye look with my brows and for this I'm going to use the Anastasia Brow Wiz, this

  • is really good because it has a spoolie on one end and a really fine pencil on the other,

  • so I like to just brush through my brows and then fill in where there are any gaps, don't

  • go too over the top, for me I just need a bit at the front and a little bit through

  • the ends, and then I like to brush it out again, just to kind of really blend in that

  • pencil and make it look natural. Just to add a little bit of definition, I'm going to be

  • using an eyeliner just on the upper lash line. This one is also by Max Factor and it's part

  • of their really long wearing range, it's their Excess Intensity in 06. It's a really nice

  • deep kind of a matte brown. So I just out a little bit on the outer corner and I just

  • feel like this really adds to the look, makes it a little bit more smokey but because it's

  • brown, it's still a really easy everyday colour. It's very soft and creamy to apply, it doesn't

  • drag the lid. If you want to blend it out with a brush you can but I like to just leave

  • it like that and I think it looks really nice. To finish off the eye look I'm going to be

  • using a mascara from Max Factor, this is their Masterpiece Transform, and I really like this

  • because the brush is really interesting, it's very long, it's one of those plastic brushes

  • and it has tiny little bristles that when you first look at it you wouldn't think it

  • would do much but it really grips the lashes and you can really comb them through right

  • from the root to the tip. I really like that kind of combing the lashes and you can put

  • on as many coats as you like and it really gives amazing length and volume. I was super

  • impressed with this mascara and I think it's done wonders for my lashes. I like to wear

  • my mascara in black but they also do a black/brown if you want a bit more of a natural look.

  • So that's it, I told you it was super simple, only 4 products and you are left with a really

  • nice, every day brown, easy smokey eye. So don't forget to subscribe and check back every

  • Friday and if you have a burning beauty question get involved and tweet us using the #BeautyQs.

  • Thanks so much for watching and I'll see you next time, bye!

Hi, welcome back to the Beauty Recommended channel, I'm Lily Pebbles and today I'm going

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Everyday Eye Makeup | Lily Pebbles

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