B1 Intermediate US 2815 Folder Collection
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Hello! This is Red
Today we are playing the Ultimate Stage! The Tragedy of Solomon!
Sorry if you are bad at English
Since this stage is for oversea players, I'm using English
Ok now we're in Battle 1/7
This trio isn't really that scary
All of them only hurt you about 13,000 damages
I need to ready my skills
Going to 'mess around' for a while XD
That was close! o.O
There! It's only you and me!
Reflect 15%, not a good thing
That's why I don't trust my dad!
He only gave me second-handed phones!
This is already the best phone I got so far
In Battle 3/7 we got 2 soldiers with bestowment
They totally hurt you with over 20,000 damages
As bad as reflection
Here we got a monster with Phantom
It seems not that bad, but what if it hurts you with over 46,000 damages?
Wow that's some high defence we got there
Looks like I need to use my skills = =
Yep, I do skills for the bills
Fair enough, I've prepared for that
(Smashing chairs and tables behind the camera)
7+ combo shield, not a big deal for Greek Gods
6 combos!
It didn't even drop me 1 combo!
6 combos again?!
Ok MadHead!
I won't let you play with my feelings!
Why can you not even drop 1 combo....
CRAP! I forgot to use my skill!
My diamonds.... TT.TT
How many times did this happen?!
Why would this happen?
I got no faith on my team already.... Orz
Here! We got Tumble 25%
It's pretty easy actually, only if you are not lack of heart runestones
Do skills for the bills!
Let's do this Solomon!
Descend from the sky with thunder!
Oh also, stop pretending to be a woman! We all know you're a man!
I love the slow motion
Asking my friend for suggestions
If I should use Sean's skill or Dragonary Craft
Solomon! You're mine!
Job done! Show's over!
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Tower of Saviors Ultimate Stage The Tragedy of Solomon 2 diamonds passed

2815 Folder Collection
林子鈞 published on May 1, 2015
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