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  • Hey angel face, I'm Jenna Marbles and this is ThatJoeyFella and we just hung out and

  • had a great time.

  • Wait do I really get to keep this? Yeah it's yours. Really?

  • From me to you. Aww you're so sweet.

  • No problem. Ok, Up for a game?

  • Yeah I wanna play a game. Right you have to guess whether this word is

  • an Irish slang word or an Irish language word. Ok.

  • And guess the meaning as well if you can. First word is eejit.

  • So I'm guessing if its Irish language or slang? Yeah.

  • It's slang and it means, uh boobs. It means idiot.

  • Oh! Sláinte.

  • Oh that's slang and it means uh, male genitalia. It's Irish for thank you. It is thank you

  • isn't it? I didn't go to school in Ireland. I went to school in England, I'm sorry. Ride.

  • Ride? I'm pretty sure that's English for like getting in your car, going for a ride.

  • It's also Irish (slang) for sex. What! You guys are dirty.

  • Mott. Mutt?

  • Mott. Mott. It's, it's a dog. What is it?

  • It's slang for girlfriend. Slang for girlfriend!

  • Yeah so you're like, I'm going to meet me mott.

  • That's messed up! I don't know about that one.

  • Savage. Savage? It's slang for starving.

  • It's slang for awesome or cool. For awesome? Savage. What about barbaric?

  • Craic. Craic?

  • If I was to say, do you wanna go out tonight and have some craic?

  • I would think you're talking about drugs. It's illegal.

  • It is but not our craic. Craic has two meanings, depends how it's used,but mostly it means

  • fun. Fun?

  • Yeah, and it doesn't include any drugs, maybe alcohol.

  • You'd be in trouble if you came to America and be like "hey do you want to go have some

  • craic tonight?" Shift.

  • Shift. I bet it's slang, for, I dunno. Kiss.

  • Kiss? Yes.

  • Shift. Ok, last one, Póg mo thóin.

  • Oh that sounds dirty that doesn't sound right. Póg mo thóin is, I don't know what is it?

  • Well this is from CTN and it means kiss my ass.

  • Oh my god. And that's for you as well.

  • Wait this is for me too? Yes it is.

  • Oh my god. Ok.

  • Kiss my ass. Póg mo thóin. You guys are crazy, this is awesome.

  • Coming from you? I got presents. Look at that. You're so sweet.

  • No problem. Em, ok so it was really awesome meeting you, thank you so much for coming

  • on our channel. Yeah.

  • Really looking forward to the show. Yay.

  • So we can't really hold you up any more but it was so great to meet you. Thank you so much.

  • Right guys so I just interviewed Jenna Marbles

  • for so if you want I'll leave a link down the bottom and you can go watch it (full interview).

  • She is awesome and I got loads of sexual hugs off her.

  • Yeah. One more?

  • She just dropped the hand. Yeah I did I felt his butt.

Hey angel face, I'm Jenna Marbles and this is ThatJoeyFella and we just hung out and

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