B2 High-Intermediate US 2014 Folder Collection
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♫ I'm gonna eat some worms
♫ Long and skinny ones,
♫ Big, thick fat ones,
♫ I'm gonna eat some worms ♫
- This isn't a real song.
- It's a real song!
- Timon and Pumbaa used to eat bugs,
and they turned out great.
- Everyone's had a bug fly in their mouth before,
so this is no different.
- Ohh no! - Ha ha ha!
- Just think of of it as like it's popcorn.
- It's popcorn.
- It's popcorn, it's popcorn.
- Hakuna matata.
- The aftertaste is like a pistachio,
but like, I don't know, that was a bad one.
- Oh, the head came off.
- I could see myself like drunk,
just eating this whole thing.
- It sounds like pretzel sticks.
- This looks like something
that will give you a tapeworm.
- Don't lick it.
What are you doing, Keith?
- Oh, don't lick the bug.
That's not the right way to eat the bug.
- For all we know, that could be
peanut butter on the inside.
- Arrrrgh!
- I dig this.
- It tastes like, a little bit like a snap pea.
- I like it, but like if it was, like, gummy
and like not an actual worm,
but it was just like a gummy version
and it was sour and it had different colors,
I think I would love it then.
- I would much rather have a plate of dead grasshoppers
than a plate of live grasshoppers.
That's for damn sure.
- Imagine if you just saw that jump at you,
- Hey!
- Oh my God!
(helicopter sound)
- Do it!
- Mm, pretty crunchy.
- This also tastes like going to the vet.
It tastes like that stainless steel, animal sadness.
- Not bad.
- Bring it on over, what you got?
- [Voiceover] Scorpions!
- [Voiceover] Scorpions, scorpions.
- Yo, isn't this how Steve Irwin died?
- Look at this little guy.
This guy will hurt you.
- I don't know, oh, okay.
- You gotta eat the stinger.
- Yeah.
- Oh, it's so hard to eat.
- Mmm!
- Oh my God, wow, woah!
- Woah, this is great!
- Oh, ooh! I like it!
So salty.
This one's amazing.
- Mmm, It's good!
It's so good! - It's so good!
- It tasted like old sweat, right?
- Scorpion king! You can call me.
- I legitimately believe, in the future,
we're gonna have to eat bugs, so...
- I will do it then, like then my tolerance will be
like, I must survive.
But right now I know we got some Cheetos.
- I mean, I guess at the end of the day,
what's weirder, eating insect larvae
or mushing together different chicken bits
into dinosaur shapes?
- That's a good point.
- [Woman] Oh my God!
- [Man] Why did you make me do that?
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People Eat Bugs For The First Time

2014 Folder Collection
Blair published on April 30, 2015    Blair translated    Derek reviewed
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