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I'm a Vizard !
I'm like you !
Come join our team, Ichigo!
Looks like you're finally decided ....
To become one of us !
If you are strong, we'll let you join us,
Will teach to have your controlling Hollow.
However, if you are too low, you have forgotten !
If you not use your Bankai, or your Hollow ...
So I'll simply kill you !!
Here we go, Ichigo !
Do not regret it ...
Yo, long time to see you !
I'm Zangetsu!
I do not know if you have any concience,
But normally, Zangetsu and me,
are one person !
Do not take much time,
If the fight is too long,
We will have to kill you!
We would say that you can still rage in you ...
I have no choice,
You did it ...
I'll accept for the moment.
But remember,
If you give me this one weakness,
I crush you!
And I would take your place!
Take that as a warning ...
Be careful not to DIE ! ...
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AMV Bleach ~ Start Of Control ~ VOSTA / VOSTFR

1551 Folder Collection
Zoe published on April 30, 2015
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