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The fact that your personality can be affected by being the oldest sibling, middle child, youngest sibling or an only child has been studied for years.
Thousands of these psychological studies have been done over many years.
And recent Meta-analysis has come up with some recurring themes and ideas.
So we're gonna talk to you about them today.
We're gonna discuss whether birth order can affect your personality.
Well, what are you?
I'm the youngest child.
And I'm the middle child.
First borns are seen to possess more of these types of qualities.
One, higher academic achievements and ambition.
Hi son. 92 percent?
How the H-E-double hockey sticks (hell) am I supposed to become prime minister with this?
Two: A stronger sense of responsibility and maturity.
Where's my wallet?
- You know I never lose my wallet! - I know you're so responsible and mature.
We all get it!
And number three, better leadership skills than other birth orders.
First-born children tend to get a lot more attention and affection from their parents because...I mean it's their first kid.
Why not?
But at the same time there is also way higher expectations for them than their following siblings.
The theory behind this is that it's sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy.
If there is higher expectations placed on you, then you're more likely to work harder, and want to live up to those expectations.
Similarly, if someone thinks you're supposed to be the responsible one, you're more likely to take on that role.
Middle born children were seen to express more of these types of qualities.
One: Cooperative.
Mitchell, put that down.
Two: Flexible and sociable.
No man, no worry about it.
It's not a problem at all.
You know, dirt off my shoulder, no "I" in the team.
I got your back and you're bro for life!
Three: Able to make and maintain friendships easily.
You're my best friend.
You've been with me through thick and thin, and I appreciate everything you've done for me.
Being the proverbial monkey in the middle.
These children don't have the high expectations of the first born child, nor the leniency of the last born child.
As a result, they tend to be less ambitious and competitive than their predecessors.
And have a more relaxed attitude towards life.
The middle child is often a social butterfly.
Because they receive less attention than their other siblings, they seek out more relationships and friendships outside of their family.
The last born child or the youngest of the group tends to have these traits.
One: They're charming and likable.
How many Instagram followers do you have?
I have like 250.
I have 28.3 million and I just passed Kim K.
And I actually broke Snapchat with my widdle baby selfie.
Two: They're possibly more creative than their older siblings.
What are you doing?
I don't know, not very good, just doodling.
You drew that?
Three: They have a strong sense of security and confidence.
c. o. n. f. i. d. e. n. t.
That's me.
I'm confident.
I wanna see you be brave.
I might be too strong out on compliments.
Overdosed on confidence.
And number four: They're generally less responsible and mature than older siblings.
I forgot my phone, wallet, keys and your shoes.
Oh my god, what?
This is often a case of "been there" or "done that".
As the parents have already had a bunch of kids.
So their leniency is a lot higher and their expectations are much lower.
However, being younger on the birth order often leads to a different sense of responsibility.
And often feeling like others will take the lead.
Lone children are seen to have more of these traits.
Academically able, creative, and resourceful.
Well actually, according to my research, the correct anwser is...
Actually, it's a lot deeper than that.
You see, the information...
You can have that opinion, but the honest truth is that you're just not really understanding what's going on.
Mature and responsible.
Good thing, I remember your keys, phone, wallet ,and my shoes.
But they also tend to hate disorder and like to be in control.
- May I see? - Hey, cut it out, it's my phone, not yours.
Hey there bud, do you want a beer?
No, actually I don't drink, thanks .
Wanna try putting on make-up for the first time?
I've never done that before. I don't want to.
Being an only child, the expectations are always high.
But unlike the first born, you never need to fight for your parents' attention.
As a result, there's more potential to thrive in every sense of the word because your parents' attention is undivided.
And growing up in a household of only adults would lead the child to emulate the specific actions of the parents.
Leading to more responsibility and maturity and also a very structured environment.
Seeing as if they have never had to compromise with their siblings and deal with the fact that there's always a lot of chaos in life.
They sometimes have trouble relating to their peers and also feel very out of control when things in their life don't go their way.
Now of course this is all super interesting.
But there're a lot of extraneous variables from gender to socioeconomic status to age gap between siblings and how many siblings there are.
But these are just some of the theories out there and it'll be interesting to see how they pertain to you.
Do they?
The theories do kind of pertain to me.
I'm very irresponsible and way less mature than my older sister.
Um, I guess I am more creative and definitely more like outgoing than her.
So that's sort of ah...youngest child.. sort of does relate to me sometimes.
And a take for me, I said I'm a middle child, but I also was a youngest child for about seven years, so I feel like some of the traits match up for me.
But it might be a little confused cause then maybe when I had my younger brother I felt even like an older sibling or a first sibling.
I don't know what I am.
Yeah! You're kind of a smorgasbord of all of them, so... - yeah!
These supposed effects though widely studied have been mostly inconclusive in psychology.
So though some aspects may be true for you which make a lot of sense, it wouldn't be the same for every single person around the world in a specific birth order.
At the end of the day, it's important to remember that your personality and your destiny in life is not predetermined at birth!
Thanks for watching this weeks' video!
Let us know in the comment if any of these theories actually pertain you and your birth order.
Make sure to subscribe, follow us both on Instagram and Twitter, and we'll see you on Saturday of the vlog.
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Does Birth Order Affect Your Personality?

179310 Folder Collection
沈家后 published on July 6, 2019    沈家后 translated    Wendy reviewed
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