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Whether you call it a 360 flip or a treflip. We are going to show you the fastest way to
get them.
The basic steps to get the treflip are scoop, flick and jump up. This is the funnest trick,
and I urge you now to not give up before you land this one.
Place your back foot close to the outer edge of the tail. There's a sweet spot for the
back foot that you'll find after practicing these for a while. Front foot on the middle
of the board angled like a kick flip. Lean back, putting a lot of pressure on the tail
of the board and scoop your back foot as hard as you can while your front foot slightly
flicks off to the side of the board. You can try practicing getting the rotation and flip
down first before you start to try landing on it. Jump up instead of forward landing
with both feet on the bolts. If the board keeps going behind you too much put more pressure
on your back foot when you scoop and flick.
SkaterTrainers are going to help you get and start landing your treflips much faster and
push through the hard spots. Because the board is not rolling, you can
work on the steps and committing with both feet. They will help you keep from falling
while you work on your landing. When you are consistently landing on the bolts like shown
here take your skatertrainers off. Then, start working up to getting your treflip rolling.
If you don't have SkaterTrainers already, you should check them out. They are Guaranteed
to help you get your tricks and get new ones or your money back.
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How to 360 Flip the Easiest Way with SkaterTrainer

514 Folder Collection
Ting Kuo published on April 26, 2015
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