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  • It was all just stories...

  • my uncle saw what he wanted to see.

  • Deckard sacrificed much to protect this world,

  • but his work is not over.

  • What would you know about sacrifice?

  • Tyrael,

  • the ancient law of the High Heavens strictly forbids us from interfering from the mortal world...

  • yet you have done so! Brazenly!

  • All I am guilty of, Imperius,

  • is bringing Justice

  • while you hide, cowering, behind your throne!

  • Silence!

  • You will now answer for your transgressions!

  • You cannot judge me!

  • I am Justice itself!

  • We were meant for more than this

  • to protect the innocent!

  • But if our precious laws bind you all to inaction...

  • then I will no longer stand as your brother!

  • You chose... to be one of us!

  • Sacrilege!

  • Thus, I fell,

  • willingly...

  • because humanity is the only hope for this world.

  • I never believed.

  • All your crazy tales...

  • the work you never finished.

  • I will finish it, uncle.

  • I will carry on for you.

It was all just stories...

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