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  • Hey, I know this might be weird. I saw you over there.

  • And I wanna just come say hi to you, cause you're beautiful.

  • Thanks.

  • What do you reading here?

  • Umm, it's the Unlocking Creative Potential of Recording Studio Effects.

  • Do you live here or you...?

  • Yeah, I go to NYU.

  • You go to NYU? What do you study?

  • Music.

  • Studying music? Oh nice.

  • I just started actually this semester, the spring semester at NYU.

  • I just like talking around trying to make friends, you know.

  • Cool.

  • I was thinking maybe I can get your number and we could hang out.

  • I don't think that my boyfriend would like that.

  • Oh, you have a boyfriend?

  • Yeah.

  • Okey. Well, I mean, hope you enjoy your day.

  • Thanks.

  • And good luck with everything you do.

  • Alright she has a boyfriend. It's all good.

  • Do you want a selfie? Yeah.

  • Can you kiss me on the cheek? Yeah.

  • I like you. Honestly, after this whole thing, we should just go back to my hotel room.

  • And we should hang out.

  • Definitely. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

  • Let me get your number. Alright.

  • One second, what's your name?

  • What's your number? 20173. Wait.

  • Aren't you the same girl... Don't you have a boyfriend?

  • No.

  • You're the same girl that rejecting me like before and that you said you have a boyfriend.

  • Now you don't have a boyfriend cause you know I'm famous?

  • I don't do the boyfriend thing.

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Hey, I know this might be weird. I saw you over there.

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